Phoebe Prince: 9 Charged In Teen’s Death

Phoebe Prince  – 9 teens have been charged in the death of Phoebe prince.

Phoebe Prince, 15, was a recent immigrant from Ireland, and was reportedly found hanged in her home after enduring weeks of torment from bullies on Facebook and in where she attended at South Hadley High School.

“It appears that Phoebe’s death on Jan. 14 followed a torturous day for her, in which she was subjected to verbal harassment and threatened physical abuse,” said District Attorney Elizabeth D. Scheibel.

The freshman’s death ignited a firestorm in the small western Massachusetts town and demands for school Superintendent Gus Sayer to resign after he refused to explain why the bullies were not being punished several weeks after Prince’s suicide.

No school officials were charged today, but six teens were named and three juveniles were not.

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