‘Tiger Woods Is Just Like Windows 7’ said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

tiger woods windows 7Tiger Woods is supposedly going to be the next pitch man for Microsoft’s Windows 7

Oh well, you want to pull out from sponsoring Tiger Woods because of the recent bad publicity? ┬áNo problem – there are plenty of sponsors standing by who are more than happy to take your place. One major sponsor who is stepping up to sponsor Tiger Woods is Microsoft.

According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, “This guy is big – really big from what I hear, and he’s known as a great multi-tasker who can juggle different extra-curricular activities – just like Windows 7!”

Wait a minute – did Steve Ballmer just say what I think he said???

That statement sounded a bit humorous and sarcastic, with perhaps some inappropriate connotations – all at the same time!

Microsoft’s first choice was comedian, and one-time Microsoft pitchman, Jerry Seinfeld, who was reportedly asked to come back for round two with the promise that the new ads “would actually make sense”, said

However, Seinfeld wants to distance himself from the Windows brand and was quoted as saying, “No *#@^& way. Those ridiculous commercials with Gates almost ruined my legacy. What’s the deal with these people at Microsoft?”

Not to mention that fact that Seinfeld if more of a Mac lover than a PC!

jerry seinfeld mac vs pc1


If you want to capitalize on a wide open market that may only be open for the next 30 seconds or so, there are currently no videos on YouTube talking about the Tiger Woods and Windows 7 matchup!

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