Tiger’s niece Cheyenne Woods masters iconic trick

Cheyenne Woods, 23-year-old niece of Tiger Woods, replicated Tiger’s Nike trick shot ad on instagram.  The Tiger trick shows him juggling a golf ball then hitting it in mid-air.  Cheyenne Woods, 23, is a professional golfer with more than 30 … Continued

Tiger Woods Comes Alive on Twitter

We all love it when someone famous finally joins Twitter. Well Tiger Woods is no exception to this rule. Yesterday, Tiger Woods finally came alive on his Twitter profile @TigerWood with the following update: Although a lot of people are … Continued

Watch PGA Championship 2010 Live Online

One cool thing about this years PGA Championship 2010 (and no, it’s not the PGA Championship 2010 iPhone app) is that you can actually watch the PGA Championship 2010 live online. Just visit this link > you’ll have to register … Continued

PGA Tour Leaderboard, Tiger Woods Struggles

Tiger Woods’ golf game is spiraling out of control. Currently, Woods is #78 out of 80 players at Bridgestone, and finds himself looking at the worst PGA performance in his career. Tiger Woods has been ranked #1 golfer in the … Continued