Harrison Ford’s Near Plane Crash Video Footage Released

harrison ford near plane crash video

On February 13th, Harrison Ford was landing his yellow single-engine plane and misjudged his landing when he came within meters of a 737 passenger airliner sitting on the taxiway in California.  The 74-year-old actor communicated with the air traffic control … Continued

Tiger’s niece Cheyenne Woods masters iconic trick

Cheyenne Woods, 23-year-old niece of Tiger Woods, replicated Tiger’s Nike trick shot ad on instagram.  The Tiger trick shows him juggling a golf ball then hitting it in mid-air.  Cheyenne Woods, 23, is a professional golfer with more than 30 … Continued

PGA Tour Leaderboard, Tiger Woods Struggles

Tiger Woods’ golf game is spiraling out of control. Currently, Woods is #78 out of 80 players at Bridgestone, and finds himself looking at the worst PGA performance in his career. Tiger Woods has been ranked #1 golfer in the … Continued