*News Flash* iPad Jailbreak Solution via Windows 7

iPad Jailbreak Solution with Windows 7

There are rumors popping up that an iPad jailbreak program is already in place, and guess where the iPad jailbreak program resides?

Windows 7…

From what I’ve read so far, when the latest security update to Windows 7 was released at the beginning of this week, something was included that will allow iPad owners to simply connect the devices via USB to their PC and the jailbreak will begin automatically.

According to the rumors that I’ve seen, the Windows 7 iPad jailbreak program is a result of the tension between Adobe and Apple, and the fact that Apple will not allow flash to be used on the iPhone OS – which powers the iPhone and the iPad.

So Adobe apparently had secret meetings with Windows and told Windows about some security flaws in the iPhone OS.

And from this meetings, Windows may have capitalized on the information and included an iPad jailbreak program in the latest Windows 7 security update.