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Use iPhone 3G Connection on iPad “No Jailbreak Required”

ipad tetheringiPhone 3G Tethering for iPad Web Access Anywhere

What you need:

Jailbroken iPhone

MyWi download in Cydia or Rock

3G data plan


How to do it:

1.Go into your Cydia or Rock installer app and search for “MyWi” Download and Install it. Open the app and name your network press ON.

mywi tethering

The upload and download speed being so low was because I am in a basement with barly any service, usally it will be a pretty fast connection!

2.Go on your iPad into the settings and press on WiFi, Select the network you created!

ipad wifi settings

Thats it!

*MyWi has a 10 day Trail after 10 days it will cost you $9.99 USD; ONE TIME FEE! “But well worth it since the AT&T data plan is 15-20$ a month!”

Developed by Ryan Montgomery

15 replies on “Use iPhone 3G Connection on iPad “No Jailbreak Required””

Anyone tried this yet? I have a 64GB iPad in Seattle, but dont have access to an unlocked iPhone. I got $10 and a coffee for the first person interested in giving this a try on my iPad :)

Of course it works. When I heard the iPad was to have a WiFi and/or 3G configuration, the first thing I thought was… myWi. There is no need for anyone to buy a 3G iPad if there iPhone is jailbroken’d. Even the higher tier phones on other networks (verizon/sprint) have “hotspot/tether” capabilities out-the-box. So now we know why Apple removed tethering from the iPhone with an “oops we messed up!” emergency update in the early 3.0 stage. Number 1: AT&T was/is scared their fast, yet, underscaled network will slow down considerably. 2: Apple wouldn’t sell near as many 3G ipads and AT&T wouldn’t be getting all those extra millions a month in data-plans. I only hope they’re ready for the 3G release of the iPad.

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