iPad Jailbreak – iPad Is Now Jailbroken for 3rd Party Apps

iPad Jailbreak – iPad Is Now Jailbroken

There are a lot of articles on the web talking about how someone named musclenerd was the first person to jailbreak the iPad.

Let me be clear – the solution musclenerd provided was simply to access the root directory of the iPad 3.2 firmware – not to be able to download 3rd party applications.

The first iPad jailbreak to do that was from Ryan Rohypnal – Follow twitter.com/ryanrohypnol for updates!

The video below shows the iPad start up and access the 3rd party software application Cydiaas anyone in the iPhone hacking world knows, Cydia could not be loaded onto an iPad without it being jailbroken.

Official Jailbroken iPad video showing Cydia application:

Stay updated to get the release:

Will be released to public soon!

Follow twitter.com/ryanrohypnol for updates!