iPad Jailbreak – iPad Is Now Jailbroken for 3rd Party Apps

iPad Jailbreak – iPad Is Now Jailbroken

There are a lot of articles on the web talking about how someone named musclenerd was the first person to jailbreak the iPad.

Let me be clear – the solution musclenerd provided was simply to access the root directory of the iPad 3.2 firmware – not to be able to download 3rd party applications.

The first iPad jailbreak to do that was from Ryan Rohypnal – Follow twitter.com/ryanrohypnol for updates!

The video below shows the iPad start up and access the 3rd party software applicationĀ Cydia – as anyone in the iPhone hacking world knows, Cydia could not be loaded onto an iPad without it being jailbroken.

Official Jailbroken iPad video showing Cydia application:

Stay updated to get the release:

Will be released to public soon!

Follow twitter.com/ryanrohypnol for updates!

2 Responses to “iPad Jailbreak – iPad Is Now Jailbroken for 3rd Party Apps”

  1. OB1canOB

    I really have a hard time believing it's legit, for the following reasons:

    1) It could have been a simple webclip, which is not hard to do!
    2) I really don't think Saurik has released the iPad port of Cydia yet.
    3) on YouTube , he claims that he can't package the jailbreak yet because because he says it is not actually the Cydia app (obviously) but instead some simple xcode and an icon (Source: )

    I could be wrong, as I do not yet have the iPad (I opted for the Wifi+3G), but as soon as I do get it I WILL be jailbreaking!


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