The First, True iPad Jailbreak

officia ipad jailbreak111The True, First iPad Jailbreak

I just read the article on PC Mag about what they are claiming to be the first iPad jailbreak and they are just wrong.

The person in that video only accessed the root directly of the Safari browser – this is a loophole in the SMTP of the browser that any hacker can do.

Jailbreaking the iPad implies that 3rd party applications can be installed and the iPad device is now open source.

Here is the first, official iPad jailbreak:

Official Jailbroken iPad video showing Cydia application:

Stay updated to get the release:

Will be released to public soon!

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3 replies on “The First, True iPad Jailbreak”

Dude, root is the hard part. From there even I could do it, and I don't call myself a hacker – I'm more of a pro.

A side thought – having such a blatantly open hole as the iPad does, one has to wonder if Apple put it there intentionally.

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