Was YouTube Hacked? ‘500 Internal Server Error’

youtube 500 internal server errorYouTube 500 Internal Server Error – some suspect that YouTube was hacked…?

It’s early Monday morning, those of us who get up especially early – like around 4:30 or so – usually like to head to the computer (or now your iPad) and fire up the web to check things out.

However, if one of the sites you frequent is YouTube, then you may have been one of the relatively few people who saw, and experienced YouTube’s 500 Internal Server Error.

When YouTube went down, most users saw either a “500 Internal Server Error” or an “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” message.

According to Mashable, the downtime lasted about an hour and only the front page was affected. Videos were still served properly.

Google’s response to the downtime: YouTube is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are currently working to restore the site.

Was YouTube Hacked?

The buzz on the web is building around the theory that YouTube might have actually been hacked. Some people are associating the 500 Internal Server Error with a hack job.

Yet other are claiming that this is simply a result of YouTube’s server vulnerabilities that are long standing with the video sharing site.

What do you think?

Was YouTube hacked this morning?

Or was this just a simple server error?

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