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Verizon iPhone Release Date Set For September?

iphone vzwWill we see the Verizon iPhone in September?

Just like the iPad 3G release date is still yet unknown, we are waiting for an official release date of the Verizon iPhone. Some speculation has the iPhone arriving at Verizon this coming fall, and more specifically, sometime in September.

According to HuffingtonPost,

The people briefed on the matter said one of the new iPhones is being manufactured by Taiwanese contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which produced Apple’s previous iPhones. The model that has CDMA capability, used by Verizon Wireless, is being manufactured by Pegatron Technology Corp., the contract manufacturing subsidiary of Taiwan’s ASUSTeK Computer Inc., said these people.

One person familiar with the situation said Pegatron is scheduled to start mass producing the CDMA iPhones in September, but it was unclear when Apple might make the model available.

16 replies on “Verizon iPhone Release Date Set For September?”

I don't think there is any real news about a CDMA iphone. Just like the years before. Verizon and other companys stand to gain by creating a hype of a CDMA iphone.

If you were Apple… wouldn't you want some of Verizon's 80 *MILLION* existing customers to buy a new iPhone?
(As well as millions more… of AT&T customers.)

Do you think Apple dislikes making billions?

i think that CDMA is on the way out and verizons 4g network will be GSM. your right about getting a piece of verizon but this rumor happens every year. A CDMA iphone would be limited in its capabilities and it would drain the battery

ahh more verizon iphone hype? didn't I just hear the same bs a few months ago when verizon was supposed get the iphone then and the ipad as well? oh that's right. that was at&t again! just cut the lies out already!

I think that if Verizon doesnt get the iPhone it sure as hell will lose alot of customers. Because I, and some other people CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!! I've been waiting 2 years for Verizon Wireless to get the iPhone, & I'm not gonna believe anything till I see it. & I believe if Verizon doesnt get the iPhone this September, or this Christmas, it will for sure lose customers.

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