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Why Verizon Initially Rejected The iPhone

iphone verizon rejectionsMany of you might not know it, but Verizon once had an opportunity to service the iPhone but rejected it.

Here is some great insight from a commenter on a previous post as to why Verizon once rejected the iPhone:

VZW rejected it for good reason in the beginning, Steve Jobs wanted control and cuts from the profit in regards to this device.

Apple did not want to allow the phone to be limited in any way.

The same company that keeps a tight lid on the inner workings, the app store, and true power of this device….they just didnt want to allow the phone to be tested and limited in any way by VZW.

For good reason, every phone goes thru a battery of tests in vzw to make sure the device and network run optimally at all times, around the country.

And VZW will limit a phones data connection, test what type of data the phone sends, if inner functions work correctly, calls are clear coming and going… everything you can imagine to make sure their customers have a good cell connection.

Well then what happened with AT&T?

I guess they skimped out on things and decided that Subscribers and profit from this device was important and that their network can never be bogged down. WRONG?

a few fatal errors at best:

You have apple fanatics in US numbering the millions. 300 or 700k of those nuts running data like crazy downloading music would do it it in to any carrier.

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