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Verizon to Launch HTC Incredible 4/29: Is This Legit?

HTC Incredible Launch Date 4/29 – According to Best Buy

htc incredible launch

I wrote an article yesterday talking about how the HTC Incredible was coming to Verizon on 4/29/2010. ┬áMy mistake was that I didn’t provide a link to verify that date and a lot of comments came in that were asking me to verify my information.

The image above is where I’m getting my information about the HTC Incredible coming to Verizon on 4/29.

This link was provided by and claimed it as a potentially leaked document from Best Buy.

Is this information legit? ┬áHonestly, I don’t know…. what do you think?

So yes, this could very easily be fabricated information since I don’t have an actual link from Best Buy, nor can I find any other link on the web other than people like me talking about the news.

I will keep my ear to the ground to see what may pop up on the web regarding the HTC Incredible launch date.


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