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Tiki Barber Mistress Traci Lynn Johnson (New Photo – Image)

Tiki Barber Mistress (New Photo – Image)

tiki barber traci johnson image

A new photo has emerged of Tiki Barber with his mistress Traci Lynn Johnson at the Newark Airport in December of 2008, according to the NY Daily News.

Tiki Barber’s 23-year-old girlfriend convinced her family she was baby-sitting for the ex-Giants star as their romance heated up and his marriage fell apart.

Here are more images of Tiki Barber’s mistress Traci Lynn Johnson

traci lynn johnson 1

traci lynn johnson 2

traci lynn johnson 3

From NY Daily News:

Blond beauty Traci Johnson’s father and aunt both believed the former NBC intern was helping out – instead of hooking up with – the three-time All-Pro and father of two.

“That’s what [her dad] Ernest told me,” said Johnson family neighbor Bob Drabik.

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