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Apple Stock Price – Shares Surging Since March (Graph)

Apple Stock Stays High – Strong Outlook on iPhone & iPad

There is no question about it – Apple stock prices have been surging since March, and have just recently hit a 52 week high mark.

Apple stock prices since February 21st, are up over 21% – or approximately 43 basis points.

The iPad Announcement

Of course, one of the big driving forces in the Apple stock price has been the announcement, and then launch, of the new iPad device.

The iPad was officially launched in the United States on April 3rd. And even though sales have been coming in lower than analyst expectations, Apple’s stock price doesn’t seem ready to retreat.

For example, according to, weekend iPad sales were projected to come in between 600,000 and 700,000, but as of Thursday night, stood at about 450,000. But the iPad itself isn’t the only story, it’s also important to consider add-on purchases, where iPad users have downloaded 600,000 book titles and 3.5 million iPad apps.

And we haven’t even seen the iPad 3G yet!

Some are predicting that the iPad 3G will be a bigger hit than the first generation iPad that was just launched.

iPad Release Date

I’m starting to believe that the iPad 3G release date hasn’t been announced yet because of Apple’s first-quarter earnings results, scheduled for April 20th.

However, once Apple’s first quarter earnings are reported on April 20th, I would expect to hear the release date announced for the iPad 3G.

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