Apple’s iPhone Restricted To AT&T Only In the US

Apple’s iPhone Restricted To AT&T Only In the US

In my last article about the iPhone 4G, I was talking about how Apple might be using the new 4G iPhone to break out of the AT&T exclusivity clause.

One commenter said that in Canada, the iPhone is already operated on multiple carriers.

Here’s what the commenter said:

Here in Canada iPhone is available at all the major carriers…..Rogers, Bell, Telus….etc……

I guess I didn’t realize that the iPhone was already working on multiple carriers throughout the world, and that it’s only in the United States that the iPhone is restricted to only one carrier.

So why would Apple allow themselves to be isolated to only one carrier in the United States?

This is now a perplexing question to me…

Throughout the world, the iPhone is running free in a competitive market and across multiple mobile phone carriers.

Yet here in the United States, we are subject to being confined to AT&T and their terrible service, connections, and broken 3G coverage.

What do you think?

So what are your thoughts? Why in the world would Apple subject themselves to AT&T only in the United States, yet throughout the world they are already running in multiple carriers?