iPhone 4G & Verizon – A Match Made in Heaven

iPhone 4G & Verizon – A Match Made in Heaven

I see the match-up of the iPhone 4G and Verizon as quite possibly the best combination of a mobile device and a phone carrier.

The iPhone, although it has lost a bit a market share since the onslaught of data phones, is still the reigning king when it comes to the mobile devices.

The iPad might be the only mobile device to knock it off it’s throne, but that is a long time from now, if ever…

But the iPhone is a dominant mobile phone in so many ways, plus it is the leader of the data phone pack.

Every other device on the market has followed the design and concept of the iPhone (look at the HTC and Nexus One’s on the market, yes… the iPhone was a big influence).

iPhone 4G

So if you had to make the iPhone better than it already is, what are some things you would do to it?

Give it a faster web browser (iPhone 4G) would be my #1 choice of upgrades. After all, just like my computer, when I turn on my iPhone, I’m heading almost instantly to the web.

So the iPhone 4G concept is a huge milestone because it makes what is already an amazing phone – better!

iPhone 4G with Verizon

Now comes the phone carrier side of the equation.

Let me ask you this – when you hear people talk about AT&T, what are the common responses?

Do you ever hear people praising AT&T for things like service, data network stability, customer service, pricing, etc…?

Me neither – and typically, whenever I hear people talk about AT&T it is usually in negative connotations.

Verizon has a much better reputation for quality, service, and data stability.

So when you want to have your phone with carrier that has a reputation of excellent data networks, strong connections, and great service people would almost immediately agree that Verizon has that kind of reputation.

iPhone 4G & Verizon

So to me, the perfect match made in heaven is the iPhone 4G running on the Verizon network.

Does it get much better than that in the data / mobile device world?