New MacBook Pro 2010 – Apple Store Back Online

New MacBook Pro 2010 – Apple Store Back Online

Earlier today I wrote about how the Apple store was down (offline).

Initially, I thought there was a problem with the Apple website, but then after digging around a bit, I realized this was common when Apple was about to release a new product.

The speculation was that perhaps we’d see an iPad 3G hit the Apple store website with a release date or a shipping date.

Or, the other alternatively was perhaps we’d see the iPhone 4G presented in the Apple Store.

None of the above actually….

The Apple Store was updated with the new MacBook Pro 2010 netbook.

The Apple Store is now back online and features not only the new MacBook Pro, but also the iPad and the new line up of iPods and iPod touches.

Check out The Apple Store here.

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