Jon Gosselin Wants To Take Sole Custody From Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Wants To Take Sole Custody From Kate Gosselin

As I’m sure you recall, Jon and Kate Gosselin are the ones who had 8 children and then almost immediately wanted to file for divorce. Well, the family drama became a TV hit and now the entire world is engulfed in the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Unfortunately, the ones left to deal with the fall out are the eight children.

Jon Gosselin files for sole custody

Last week, Jon Gosselin (the father, 33 years old) filed a law suit to get sole custody of all eight children.

Jon Gosselin claims that Kate Gosselin “abuses” her right to schedule visits for him with the kids and that she does not spend enough quality time with them, according to MSNBC.

Again, it’s unfortunate that Jon and Kate Gosselin can’t find a reason to set their own agendas aside, and put the agendas of their eight children first.

Without a doubt, this drama will be following those eight children for the rest of their lives, and I would rather have a legacy of a strong family, and overcoming obstacles, be what everyone talks about – not about how my mom and dad couldn’t work things out and got a divorce.

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Jon Gosselin is truly a piece of work. If he hadn't ruined the "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" show she would still be at home working with the kids (please remember they are all in school now)> That makes some difference with them being in school from 8 to 2.

One of them has to support the family. I wouldn't want his bad judgement in charge.

I hope that Jon does get custody of the kids. Kate has shown that she has no interest in being at home with the kids. Kate is a delusional liar. She states that running all over the country is better than 6 12-hour nursing shifts a week. Well, no hospital would put her on duty for more than four and perhaps five in an emergency. Last week Kate was home with the kids less than 24 hours total and she took time from that to tan, practice and have a mani/pedi.

I wonder, did Kate take a flight home last night to be with the kids today? I know that she was photographed coming out of an Italian restaurant with Steve, her "body"guard. Who knows where she went later — back to her suite with connecting room for Steve no doubt.

Jon has always been the parent who took care of the kids when he was at home and they were younger, not Kate! She wants to come across as the "Mother of the Year" to her many fans, when in reality, the only thing in the world Kate truly cares for is her fame, money. and her love for the camera. When does she actually put her children first without her constant complaining about how rough she has because she is now a single Mom with 8 kids to support. Kate needs to join the real world and divorce her love for the being in front of the camera's eye and take care of her kids along with Jon!

What man in his right mind would ever want to be married to someone like Kate? Jon finally grew some balls and got out himself, can you really blame him. Or did you really expect him to stay married to Kate while she kept her witch's broom stick right up her butt! If Jon spoke to Kate like she always did to him, what would you be saying then. Nothing like castrating a man in the public eye Kate! What a loving, supportive spouse you were………..NOT!!!
Kate is such a phony person and it's amazing just how many people out there don't see through her BS! Would you really want her raising your child?
We hope Jon does regain full custody because he is an on hand parent with the kids and actually does things with them. He much more mentally and emotionally stable than Kate ever thought of being for her children.

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