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iPad 3G Pricing & iPad 3G Data Plan Cost (Complete Guide)

ipad 3g apple web pageiPad 3G Pricing & iPad 3G Data Plan Cost (Complete Guide)

I apologize for screwing up my last article about the iPad 3G and the pricing regarding the data plan.

In fact, I did more than just screw it up – I left it out completely!  And thank you to the readers who so eloquently pointed that out to me (….NOT!)

Anyway, here is the most comprehensive breakdown for the iPad 3G (pricing and cost), and the iPad 3G data plans that will be offered from AT&T, straight from the Apple iPad web page.

iPad 3G pricing / iPad 3G data plan costs

iPad 3G pricing break down:

ipad ipad 3g pricing scheme

iPad 3G data plan cost break down:

ipad ipad 3g data pricing package

iPad 3G data control measures:

When you start approaching your 250 mb/month quota, you get a warning when you have 20% of your data left, 10% of your data left, and when you’re out of data. When you run out of the 250Mb, you are given the option to add an additional 250Mb or switch to the unlimited plan.

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