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NYSE:GS – Goldman Sachs Rocks Global Markets

NYSE:GS – Goldman Sachs Rocks Global Markets

The global stock markets took a nose dive on Friday after U.S. regulators (the SEC) charged Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (Public, NYSE:GS) with fraud related to subprime mortgages.

The Goldman Sachs news hit Wall Street at around 10:34 this morning. And no sooner did the shocking news hit the street, did the investors start ejecting from the Goldman Sachs portfolio of stocks.

The news, and sudden sell off, was abrupt and dramatic for Goldman Sachs, but it didn’t stop there. In fact, we can’t even truly say that it stopped just with the United States stock market because every stock market exchange in the world was rocked by the Goldman Sachs news.

Goldman Sachs stock price

Below is an image of how the markets responded to the Goldman Sachs fraud news, and also how Goldman Sachs themselves reacted as well.

goldman sachs stock market impact

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