Facebook Not Working Today – 4/23/10

Facebook Not Working Today – 4/23/10

When Facebook is not working, the most common problem is when you try to login, you receive the following error message:

Facebook site maintenance errors

The last major issue I knew of was back on February 20th when people were trying to login only to receive the dreaded Facebook site maintenance error.

When you experience problems where Facebook is not working, it is typically not a widespread, or site wide discrepancy. It is much more likely that batches of profiles are affected at a time.

Here are some comments from readers here at Social Media SEO that decided to share what their problems were when they saw that Facebook was not working properly:

From Shane

I have been locked out of my account i set up to talk to my son in london since thier new layout launch. But there is another problem that has not been reported, that the new layout does not work on all machines but very few. Also facebook has a bad complaints proceedure ie- anyone can be reported then disabled and when you ask for a reason you get told nothing but you will not be reactivated and tuff. All these problems could be avoided if facebook was to listen to thier users and stop turning this site from user friendly into a commercial product. After all it was set up for the general public and buisnesses. Go back three layouts is what we the public want. Yes your developers make a pretty layout but this is not what we want. Turn back before we go for good. Time to stand up against thier ignorance.

From “Guest” post:

As of now, I’ve had the new layout for about three weeks. My account was fortunate enough to change over last and thus, the last to shut down I suppose. I’ve been locked out for about half an hour. I’ve tried every method, manual and normal, to access the site to no avail. All of my friends, and I mean all, are encountering the same issues. I hope this issue is resolved before I start to walk.