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iPad 3G Cost & iPad 3G Data Plan Pricing

iPad 3G Cost & iPad 3G Data Plan Pricing
ipad 3g data plan pricing

With now officially confirming the iPad 3G shipping date of April 30th, you can now “officially” start getting excited about receiving your new iPad 3G.

However, there are still literally millions of iPad 3G buyers out there who didn’t take the leap initially to pre-order the iPad 3G and might be wondering about the pricing of the device itself, and the associated AT&T data plan.

So I’ve put together this little cheat sheet to help you see, all in one neat little place, the entire details regarding the iPad 3G pricing, and the associated 3G data plan that is being offered exclusively by AT&T.

Below is the most up to date iPad 3G pricing for the device itself, and the iPad 3G data plan.

If you order online through, then also remember that the shipping is free!

Pretty sweet huh?

Here it is – the full details of the iPad 3G and data plan pricing:

iPad 3G pricing / iPad 3G data plan costs

iPad 3G pricing break down:

ipad ipad 3g pricing scheme

iPad 3G data plan cost break down:

ipad ipad 3g data pricing package

iPad 3G data control measures:

When you start approaching your 250 mb/month quota, you get a warning when you have 20% of your data left, 10% of your data left, and when you’re out of data. When you run out of the 250Mb, you are given the option to add an additional 250Mb or switch to the unlimited plan.

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