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What are Facebook’s 400 Million Users saying about you right this very minute? The new tool to help you find out.

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The Facebook Open Search is an extremely useful tool for people and professionals.  What are Facebook’s 400 million users saying about you, your company, or your industry right this very minute?    Facebook Open Search has a number of uses for the average Facebook user as well.

Here are a couple:

  • Product Research: Find out what people are saying about a product you want.  For instance, if you are thinking about buying an iPad, do you research first.  Do an open search using the Facebook open search to see what everyone is saying about a particular topic, like the iPad.  Is the response good, bad, or so-so? Know what real people, not marketers or companies, are saying about your potential new purchase is critical to weighing in on your decision making process. Use the social search to find out.
  • Movie Recommendations: Find out what people are saying about that new movie you want to see.  Production companies put a ton of efforts and money into making sure the word of mouth about their movie is strong because we want to see the movies our friends see.  No one wants to be the one left out of the conversation while everyone else is laughing about a funny movie quote.  Use the Facebook Open search to find out what people are saying about movies you want to see.  Is it worth going to see it in the theater? Search and find out.
  • Reputation Management: Are you a pretty popular person? Kind of “a big deal” on Facebook? Well find out.  Search your name on the Facebook Open Search to find out if anyone finds you worth talking about.  What are they saying?  If you are not someone people are talking about, would you like to be?

What about your business or your industry? What are people saying about you on Facebook on a professional level? To find out how to use the Facebook Open Search for social media marketing and more articles and helpful tips on social media optimization, please visit

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