Halo Reach Beta – Halo Reach Beta Start Time

halo reach beta launchHalo Reach Beta – Halo Reach Beta Start Time

Halo fans all over the world are getting ready today for the Halo Reach Beta to launch. The beta is set to launch, from what I can gather anyway, today (Monday) around 1pm EST/10am PST.

These times are definitely not set in stone as there isn’t a whole lot of information out about the Halo Reach Beta start time.

However, the Halo Reach Beta is coming and it is expected that it will consist of two maps – Swordbase and Powerhouse.

Skwordbase is an indoor, multi-leveled map, separated into two parts by a central area.  Powerhouse on the other hand is an outdoor map that focuses on a circular wall situated in the center of the map.  These two maps provide you with opposite playing experiences in order to give you an taste of what is to come in the full game.  The level design for both maps seems well-balanced and I haven’t experienced any hiccups trying to get around.

So come 1PM EST, it will be interesting to see if the Halo Reach Beta actually launches. I’m sure there will be no shortage of bloggers updating all of us about the launch and I will try to keep updates posted here.

Let us know if you see the Halo Reach Beta launch at 1pm.


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OMG i woke up this early for NOTHING!!!! so pissed… i downloaded that stupid video they have at the menu thinking it was the beta version. GGGRRRRRR

Troll much? Everyone knows if you actually were a halo fan you never would've said that. You're just a flamer

Halo Reach Beta Start Time = 1PM EDT / 10AM PDT

I am positive your times are spot on. Bungie posted a late morning PDT time (brunch aka wiki) 11 is lunch so 10 is just perfect. So in 5 1/2 hours we can all try to download the beta. Maybe the internet will come to a halt.

I am in Seoul and its 840 PM on the 3rd and still only dl the video. I don't see a staggered approach and I even bumped my TZ to +14 for the heck of it….


Hmm im in uk nothing showing xcept the video downloaded that to pass the time..hopefully not too long to wait was xpectin to be playing this all day..well we do get it until may 19th so u cant complain that it's not up and running yet and of course there will be problems when betas like this come out servers will crash and no will get to play lol so fingers crossed it's up n running soon….Looks Awesome =D

omg guys just wait a little bit hell ive been to every midnight release of every halo game and ive always been patient with bungie im sure you guys can too
besides you need all the sleep you can get beacuse when start playin i start gettin some sweet boom headshots on you pussies

I am starting a halo reach guild so if u want to join add: "eprince14" and u will be able to join our party. (PRO GUILD ALL PRO"S JOIN US)

i live in belguim thats same time as britain : at what time can we play beacause now there stands : "preview reach"" insted of play

excuse me, but could you stop crieing, I live in Australia and i dont care what exact time it comes out as long as i get to play it on day. I LOVE HALO!!!!!!

lol soz………………

woke my poor boyfriend up at 4am when I left for work… he's sleeping now while I monitor the internet for news… any idea when in NY it comes out? Because I should really be working and not looking up Halo info all morning here!!!

For those who can't read, the main article says 1pm EST, 10am PST, which means that it will be released at 6pm BST.

You retards it doesnt come out until LATE morning for you americans and early evening for us in Britain

Yep, 8:10 A.M. where im at, Maryland, and it just has the preview the beta video at the main menu. i had 3 alarms set to wake my a*s up lol and the beta still aint up! and skipped school! for any kind people out there, add my gamertag and let me know when you can actually play the Beta, my GT is TrumpyxFear… thanks!

How do they fail? It's only the f**king morning. How impatient are you kid? It's coming out today just not as soon as you open your f**king eyes. jeez its just a beta….come down.

How do they fail? It's only the f**king morning. How impatient are you kid? It's coming out today just not as soon as you open your f**king eyes. jeez its just a beta….come down.

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