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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

As a mother of six, I am well qualified to know what a mother wants, right? Well…maybe. But the things I’d like for even a Mother’s Day gift may seem strange to many women. For instance, I’d love to have a compost bin, a pair of good cowgirl boots, or a new hairstyle. Other things high on my wish list are a new tabletop for the table on my back deck as well as having the two right burners on my stove repaired.

I guess you could say it’s the simple pleasures I’m after. But maybe lots of other mothers have a new, simplified idea of what they want in today’s economy. If you think the mother in your life may fit that category, then that iPad may not be as high on her wish list as you had thought. Perhaps it’s that one thing that she’s been thinking would make some aspect of motherhood or housekeeping easier, but she hasn’t been willing to budget for it. I’d say that the Shark™ Portable Steam Pocket™ Cleaner would be high on my list in that regard. (Imagine me running around behind half a dozen kids or more all day long trying to keep things clean).

But truthfully, if I must be pampered just because I’m a mom, then Honey, if you’re reading this and you’re dreaming of hearing  “Oh, baby, you shouldn’t have, but I’m so glad you did!” is Nutriance’s Nourishing Collagen Cream. After all, I only get this one face, and I would love to keep it as young as I can for as long as I can…

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