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2011 Autos Are Here

2011 Autos Are Here

I might be telling my age here, but when I was a teenager, one of the things that we looked forward to (as teen boys) was the unveiling of the new year’s models of vehicles in September, October.

The Ford guys would be on one side of the camp, and we Chevy guys on the other.  (Of course, there were those few Dodge dudes who kind of stood over in the corner.)

“Hey! did you see the fins on that beauty?”  We couldn’t wait to get to school to razz each other over the new looks… and of course dream of seeing ourselves cruising around the Burger Chef with all the “babes” in tow.

Well, the unveiling of the new year’s automobiles has followed suit with the beginning of the new school year.  It keeps coming earlier and earlier each year (to the chagrin of the kids).  Here it is May and already the 2011 models are being delivered to dealers lots.  (Can we honestly say they are “the next year’s models” or are they just “revisions” of the current year?)  Some 2011 models are revealed, but they are on “pre-order” status.  Still kind of takes the excitement out of it.

Most of the new models are completely redesigned from the ground up and according to the US News and World Report… “Manufacturers are already offering incentives on most of these models to get the buzz going and get people into showrooms.”  For the full details go to

I don’t know, but it just doesn’t seem that the kids these days share the same excitement  over the new rides as we did…way back then.  Maybe it’s just that today there’s so many models of so many brands.  Or, maybe because, way back then, we didn’t have so much to be excited about… what, with “Pong” and so many other Atari games these days.  “Wow, mine’s got one of those new joysticks!”

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