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Charla Nash Released from Rehab (Injury Photos, Pictures)

Charla Nash Released from Rehab (Injury Photos, Pictures)

Charla Nash, the woman who was attacked and horribly difigured by her friend’s chimpanzee, has been released from rehab. The brother of a Connecticut chimp victim Charla Nash has revealed that his sister, who was mauled and horribly disfigured by a 200-pound chimpanzee, has been discharged from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and has moved to the Boston area.

The Attack

Nash who turned 56 Tuesday revealed “the remnants of her missing eyes, nose and lips,” as ABC News described it.

Nash told Oprah that she feels no pain but that she tries not to touch her face so as to avoid knowing the full extent of her injuries.

“I don’t ask a whole lot about my injuries… I know that I have my forehead,” she said. She now drinks her meals “with a straw through a small hole where her mouth used to be,” ABC added.

Nash lost both her hands in the attack, as well as her nose, an eyelid, and lips. Doctors removed her eyes due to an infection, and only recently did she learn she’ll no longer be able to see.

Charla Nash Injury Photos, Pictures

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Why the hell do you have photos of two different women, who suffered two different types of injuries, and have undergone two totally different courses of treatment, mixed in with each other, and are trying to pass them off as the same woman? You have pictures of Charla Nash mixed in with pictures of Connie Culp. Apart from being patients at the Cleveland Clinic, and having to recover from horrific facial injuries, these two ladies have absolutely nothing in common with each other, no matter how you try to conflate the two.

Amateur bloggers suck!

hey BigLib – I apologize for that.

I believe I have fixed the article – I removed the one photo.

Let me know that is right.


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