80085 ZIP Code – What City with 80085 zip code ?

80085 ZIP Code – Everyone search about 80085 zip code area, but there is no city with 80085 ZIP Code. Check this image below, I bet you wont find 80085 zip codes.

80085 ZIP Code

We also search the zip code 80085 at USPS website, and the search result shown:

We’re sorry! We were unable to process your request.

Its mean, there is no 80085 ZIP Code in US. But we found something interesting about this 80085, here is the article from Stimulus Watchdog about Stimulus Spending Summary for Zip Code 80085.

Did you know that the US Federal Government is planning on spending $787 billion of taxpayers’ dollars over the next few years in the interests of “stimulating” the economy? We do know this much: This is the greatest redistribution of wealth in our country since the New Deal, and it is in all of our interests as citizens to make sure the Feds do it in a manner that benefits us all, rather than a narrow set of special interests and/or the usual set of “Beltway Bandits.”


After hearing people comment, searching my calculator and do a little research, here is the 80085 that you are searching for.

80085 --> BOOBS

Now you got the answer!