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80085 ZIP Code – What City with 80085 zip code?

Everyone searches for the 80085 zip code area, but there is no city that matches. Check this image below, I bet you won’t find 80085 zip codes.

80085 zip code on calculator

We also search the zip code 80085 at USPS website, and the search result shown:

We’re sorry! We were unable to process your request.

It’s mean, there is no 80085 ZIP Code in US. But we found something interesting, here is the article from Stimulus Watchdog about Stimulus Spending Summary .

Did you know that the US Federal Government is planning on spending $787 billion of taxpayers’ dollars over the next few years in the interests of “stimulating” the economy? We do know this much: This is the greatest redistribution of wealth in our country since the New Deal, and it is in all of our interests as citizens to make sure the Feds do it in a manner that benefits us all, rather than a narrow set of special interests and/or the usual set of “Beltway Bandits.”

**Update – Might Want to Check the 80085 Number on Your Calculator

After hearing people comment, searching my calculator and do a little research, here is the 80085 that you are searching for.

80085 meaning
80085 –> boobs

Now you have the answer!

Other Classy Variation- 5318008 on Calculator

You can also type in 5318008 on your calculator for a different version. Childish, yes, but very nostalgic! Don’t try this on your iPhone, I already tried and it’s a fail. 

80085 zip code - what city with 80085 zip code? 4

Other Words You Can Spell On Your Calculator

1. Switch your calculator to hexadecimal mode. Not all calculators have a hexadecimal mode, but if yours does, you will have more letters to spell words with. You will be able to tell if your calculator has a hexadecimal mode if you see the letters A-F on the keyboard.

  • Calculators that have hexadecimal mode include Casios and Texas Instruments.

2. Type the letters in and flip your calculator upside down.

5376606 or 5379909gOggLES, GOGGLES
376006 or 379009gOOgLE, GOOGLE

You’re welcome for wasting 15 minutes of your time :)

17 replies on “80085 ZIP Code – What City with 80085 zip code?”

This is really a new low to spread Right- Wing propaganda. How long did it take you to think up this plan?? Not even more than 12 hours after a Simpsons episode having a LITTLE joke about living in a town thats zip code spells "boobs" (which you know everyone will search that watched the show). You put your spin on it to spread misinformation for Right-Wing propaganda.

That is justamazing… Fox News Channel isn't enough for you Beck brainwashed wingnuts to spread your lies and anti-government hatred that all is based upon misinformation (and not to mention racially and financially motivated)?? WOW!

Wow using joke from a Simpsons episode that aired the same night this is posted to spread right-wing propaganda. Do you work for FOX News, Limbaugh, or Drudge?? Go to hell.

At least he didn't start spewing about Christianity and how 80085 is code for the second coming!

If you actually check the page, the "80085" area code on stimulus watchdog says it's going to Harvey Cedars, New Jersey. It in fact makes it quite obvious this is the case. The actual area code of Harvey Cedars appears to be 08008 from what I can tell. I agree that what is implied seems like blatant misinformation, though I am reminded of Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

You think it's possible that instead of 80085, they meant 58008? Turn it upside-down… 58008 is Barney, ND – a couple hours away from Springfield, ND.

Simpsons are not in ND. One episode, they were listing the states they weren’t ‘banned’ from visiting, North Dakota was on the list of places they could visit and Bart commented “I’ve always wanted to see Mount Rushmore”. Someone living in ND would know that Mount Rushmore is not in their state.

You think it's possible that instead of 80085, they meant 58008? Turn it upside-down… 58008 is Barney, ND – a couple hours away from Springfield, ND.

Hey Luke! That makes AHELLUVA lot of sense, since… OMG! Barney Gumble is the proverbial barfly in Moe's Tavern, AND the show IS set in Springfield… Anyone see a right-wing plot here? :)

80085 is the zip code of a single mailbox located near the edge of a single property owner in south central Nevada.

All I know is that I tried searching for Springfield zip codes and none of them came out as boobs. Only sometimes do illustrative riddles become true. Perhaps Moe meant for us Googlers to be the boobs

to spell boobs on a calculator you do it upside down. the answer your all looking for is zip 58008 barney, ND. peace/jt

Name one thing Beck said about the bill, the prez or this gov that is untrue. This goes out to you brainwashed, MSNBC, CNN touting jelly-minded go-alongs who don't bother to do your own research and tolerate nothing that looks like opposition. Brown shirts are chattle and deserve what is coming to them.

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