Kagan Obama’s High Court Pick

elena kagan

There are rumors going around that Solicitor General Elena Kagan will be nominated by the President to serve on the supreme court.

Some one close to the President said that the president is looking to set up the Supreme Court to have 3 human justices for the first time ever.

President Obama will announce his choice at 10 a.m today in the East Room of the White House. At 50 years old Kagan would be the youngest justice in the court. Kagan must first win senate confirmation if she is the presidents pick.

A person close to Obama said a crucial element in picking her was her skill of bringing people together and earning respect.Kagan would be the first justice without judicial experience in over 40 years.

Kagan has a stellar resume which includes being a clerk to Thurgood Marshall,worked for Bill Clinton, & being the first female dean of Harvard Law.

Republicans have shown no signs that they would try and prevent her from serving on the Supreme Court. This year Obama wanted someone who could help provide leadership and not just choose the majority vote.

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