MyWeboo : File Explorer Built For The Web

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MyWeboo : File Explorer Build For The Web – Another web2.0 concept invented by Diane Keng and Steven Keng, MyWeboo will become the most usefull website for peoples who loves mobile. MyWeboo offers simplicity to access file anywhere anytime and publish to multiple social networks. With one single click, MyWeboo will update all posting on social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube.

According to MyWeboo blog about its concept

You can now access, manage, control, share and publish YOUR data (your pictures, videos etc.) stored across the web and various storage devices using myWeboo.

myweboo web2.0 concept
Myweboo concept

Your data can stay where it is. You can continue your love affair with Facebook, while paying a cursory glance at your ex-flame, mySpace. You can continue storing your most personal files – those that you dont intend to share – in your PC.

MyWeboo helps you access these data, view them, edit them and share them in a manner you see fit.

Just log-in to MyWeboo and publish what ever you want with one click. MyWeboo, a better way to manage people clutter world. Its MyWeboo TIME!

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Hi Diane how are you, yes I would like to learn more on how you build sites and then turn to sell them I would love to work along with you and teach me how to built sites and in turn help people make their lives a little more easier to work with apps and learn more on this high tech world you can reach me on facebook under delfort minor and I will taken notes and how to use this tech to help other in these hard times some people are calling upon and thank you

Delfort Minor

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