Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video – Has Miley Cyrus Gone Too Far?

Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video – Has Miley Cyrus Gone Too Far?

miley cyrus lap top dance video

*WARNING* This video is not appropriate for children

Somehow TMZ got ahold of this Miley Cyrus lap dancing video and it is obviously starting to spread like wild fire across the web. The question this raises with me – as a father of children who have virtually grown up watching sweet, innocent Hannah Montana, is this – is Miley Cyrus just completely sold out to fame and popularity, despite the roll model that she is (or was) to millions of kids all over the world?

I mean, I’m not judging her by any means and I’m certainly no saint – but wow… Miley Cyrus’ new style, new look, and new angle on entertainment has really taken a dramatic turn from I knew of her at least.

The video below shows Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman – famed choreographer and judge on the reality show, “So you think you can Dance” – dancing in a pretty provocative way.

What do you think about this – is Miley Cyrus somebody you want your kids to be looking up to anymore?

Or am I just getting old fashioned here and being a bit too judgemental?

You decide and let me know in the comments.

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dancing today is way to similar to s*x. this is coming from a 20 year old college student.
do you want the 11 year olds knowing that this is how their idol dances? do you want kids dancing like this?

I don't care how kids dance now days rubbing your butt on a 40 year old and you are 16 that is just wrong. You should be sad to say that just dancing

you are right.people keep saying miley's trying to be one of those brittany spears,lindsey lohan types of people.but i think everyone thinks about s-e-x right now,even 14 year olds[and under]

Alright, I just want to let you know that I am a 17 year old and I think this is wrong for kids to be looking up to. Especially since she’s a “Disney Star”. I can’t believe society, the media, and entertainment have come to look at this as appropriate for a 9-13 -year-old to look up to. It makes them want to be this slutty when they are 17. I wish we had more class.

hmm k when is a 9-13 year old going to see it?? they dont know what there looking at.. yes its wrong to be dancing like that for a 44 year old maybe with some friends but use are all uptight f**ks. have some fun.. did u see how happy she was in that video?

hey. um im 13 and i see it and i understand it and i think she should learn some real dance moves…not ways to basically have s*x on a dance floor. and you said she was happy…..that gives an example that dancing like that is okay as long as your "happy". is that right? (morally?). is it right to give the image that just cause ur happy makes it okay? uh no.

What are you talking about mate? The media don't think that. THAT'S WHY IT'S IN THE NEWS! DUH!

And why is she someone to be looked up to? Because she's on TV? Give me a break. There is a life outside of TV.

Okay I am a 17 year old star, And I have appeared on ''disney channel' with miley cyrus, and you know we have to let loose some times, so you people need to shut you're mouth

Meh, I thought you said LAP DANCE. She’s just “grinding” like WAY to many other chicks her age do on the dance floor.

Do I approve of her doing it? Makes me no difference, she aint my kid. Do I approve of the act in general, HELL NO I have a 10 yr old daughter!

I found the opening shirt impromtu flashing a little more risque then the actual ‘dance’

She was wearing a cardigan with a tank top…she opened up her cardigan she didn't flash anyone lol

You are a dumb f**king racist who needs to go find your friends in the backwoods. I think I hear a banjo playing your song.

You mention one thing about black culture and people jump all over you calling you a racist…well it's a fact that this sort of dancing stems from black culture influence and it is shameful. I don't see what's so racist about what you said and you certainly didn't use a racial epithet.

shut your racist stank a*s up too… no one asked you where the dancing came from and i'm positively sure that many races dance the same way you just need to get out in the world.

Its racist when u imply that because of the black culture influencing ppl to dance this way its there fault and shameful… News flash no one is forcing ppl to dance this way so I think it pathetic and sad how u blame black culture! and even more sad that everything leads back to race.

Nobody said they were being forced to dance that way. The dance came from African American influence. You cant deny that. And i'm not saying "black people dance that way so its because of them". Im talking a long time ago. The dance style has its origins in Africa. Its not the African influence that is the shameful part. It is how it has been adapted and Americanized to basically be s*x + cloths.

I dont blame black people. I blame hormone-hyped highschool teens trying to get off while in a school dance. That is the disgraceful part.

I agree. That type of dance did come from African American culture. its like saying someone is dancing like an Irish person. or that someone is dancing like a Swedish person. Its not a racial statement, its how it is.

@2be "you just need to get out in the world" -You too friend. Someone explains the facts and you jump on them for being racist? Racism is not as prominent as it was. It is hard to find someone who is truly hateful towards black (or any other race) these days. Its just not as serious an issue.

well youobviously havn't realised that it is the white american that introduced the black americans and forced them into prostituion and slavery in the first place

i dont see how "black" culture has to do with any of this…
its Dancing! yeah shes held to a higher standard but she does have a normal life to…and turning this into racial names is just something it shouldnt be turned into.
If you have a problem with blacks keep it to yourself & get over it your living in a new era where everyones viewed as a whole. and this is coming from a white girl. B.T.W

I'm not sure about being appropriate or not, since most kids her age dance that way. BUT why isn't Adam Shankman getting talked down upon? He is the adult after all!

This is how most teenagers dance now a days, it's sad but true, but definitely not a lap dance. I would say this would be bad of Miley, if it were done on some show or televised program. This was nothing more than someone catching her on her private time, and putting it out to make money. If you let your kids watch TMZ, I don't think Miley Cirus lap dancing is the worst thing they've seen.

Miley is only 17 not 27.she shouldn't ever dance like that.I used to call her my ro-model.but now i only like her songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley is just following in the footsteps of Britney and so many others right back to Kurt Russell and Annette. Disney kids do grow up. I certainly wouldn't hold her up as a positive example for my 17-year old, but she's "Hollywood". Frankly, its up to her parents to judge her behavior. The bottom line is that, this very s*xualized behavior will have consequences that she may really regret many years from now.

NO she is not, okay, it's miley's life, just mess off, I have lapped dance at a party I was DRUNK, and It wasn't cought on camara, Miley was just caught, so give her a break!

People who act shocked that Miley Cyrus is becoming provocative need to understand “patterns” more. Where were you people three Britneys ago???

It does not matter if Miley is famous or not, she is still a child. The only thing I have to say is that a 45 year old man no matter if he is g*y or straight should me be dancing with a 17 year old girl like that. Clearly you can see that It wasn’t just dancing on his mine. Also when you look at the provocative pictures that are on the internet of them two in Miley’s dressing room when she was 16 years old. If I was her parent I would be so upset right now.

yep, it's called 'grinding'. And as for being slutty, are you kidding me? You should try hitting any or all of the popular clubs in any state or country. Psh. This wouldn't even be a topic if some 'stalker-like' person hadn't been filming this, just because she is famous. NEXT!

If you consider Miley a role model that where the problem lies. Everyone grows up and if you were depending on Disney to teach your kids what is acceptable and appropriate you need to re-think everything.

If you, or if you're letting your child, consider any famous person as a role model, you are definitely making a mistake. Start with your own parents or your best friends. People you personally know, that truly make a difference or real impacts.

seriously? lap dance? come on….i know some people [older] might find that offensive….but that is called dancing. I'm 30 now, and that's the way kids danced when i was in highschool.
Seems to me like a cheap way for media outlets to get a few ratings by publishing things titled "Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video."

I think young people just haven't been as well trained to be ashamed of their s*xuality as previous generations.

FYI if your teenage daughter ever goes "clubbin" then she's probably also rubbed her booty on a 40 year old g*y man's crotch whilst dancing… for thought.

Leave the girl alone! That is why we end up losing our great actors/actresses to suicide. Let her be young, let her be free, and enjoy herself! My god, I love Miley and I think she is just fine, I will continue to let my children watch her.

I'm a 40 yo mom from switzerland. i started watching hanna montana becos of my kids. and now i know that there's a beautiful girl by the name miley, with her sunshine, cheerful and carefree personality. she also sings well, treats her fans well, and boy, what a fun loving character she is! my point is – don't kill this lovely girl with all the accusations. go to any club in europe, youngsters these days do dance like this. loosen up, ladies and gents, miley comes across as a very sensual girl, why don't just enjoy having her around without pointing fingers at her all the time?

i dont see y this is such a big deal…looks like she is just having a good time…i can think of alot of things she could be doing "too far" but all i see is a sweet girl shakin wat her mamma gave her nd havin a good time

this is not a lap dance and when i was 17 i was doing the same thing… when i was 16 i was doing the same thing…. its dancng…. hes old sure but thats his problem you dont always no everyones age at the bar! everyone should get over it and leave the poor girl alone….. paparazzi ruined Brittany and fans ruined brittany and i hope they dont for miley!

it’s perfectly normal for 17-year-old girls of today to dance that way, ang giving BJ’s to ranbom men at parties is really normal these day

To be truthfully honest I think you need to take a step back and remember the stuff you did as a 17 yr. old. She is growing up and acting like a teenager. It's it a bad example for our kids probably , but on the other hand if she wasn't in Hollywood nobody would think twice about her behavior.. Chances are kids that do look up to her if under the right adult supervision wont even see this video or any other the others that are considered questionable

I dont see how little kids look up to her!! She should be setting an example for them, not no slutty a*s dancing!! You all say shes grown up? Please grown up is when your not living with you parent, when you have your own house and your own kids and you can take care of yourself!! This shows that she is not ready to be grown up, she obviously still has some learning in her life to go. Yeah, some teens wanna party and have some fun here and there, but do it somewhere where its not total public and you can trust the people your hanging with!! I personally think that she has gone too far with this one, first she "pole dances" at the teen choice awards. And now she "lap dances."

If you rely on celebrities to be your kids' rolemodels then maybe you're a shitty parent. Honestly, Miley can do whatever she wants. It's none of anyone's business. If there was a video of some random chick gyrating on some dude we wouldn't be asking about how scarred your precious little kids have become. Be a parent, teach them right from wrong, and stop caring about what a celebrity does in their spare time.

And Bay Bay, it's not her job to be a good person for the sake of some kids. She's her own person and she is in this for the money and fame just like everyone else. Just because she's been typecast as an innocent kid doesn't mean she has to stay that way just because there are pathetic kids out there worshiping celebrities.

how dar you racists and g*y bashers criticize Miley and Adam! Miley has the right to dance that way. So what if she's inspired by the better African American culture in America and not boring white "culture"…and Adam, as a g*y man, means no harm by this. Stop being such ignorant bigots and realize we're now living in more open-minded times. It's 2010, not the 1950s you heartless ppl.

I'm sure you're all a bunch of close minded people who don't support our president either…grow up!

I'm 16 and I do think it's messed up because like kids admire and look up to her. She should be a "good example". But get real, if any other teen did that NO ONE would care.

hey daniel u racist mother f** white,black people actually have groover white people cant dance they r stiff and out of beat dahahha how unco.daniel ur a loser

no one saw what happened before this took place. for all we know he just got carried away started humping her.

Grind baby. All modern US women turn out to be wh0r3s @ some point in their life. So what? It's the American way. You go girl, and hopefully you get an STD to go with dat $….

Look all teenages dance like that. The bit that gets me is that she is dancing on a 44 year old? Ok, that's just a bit disturbing… Yeah, she is partying and having fun, it would be different if she was dancing on someone her age, that would be a bit less frightening. Although, maybe it was just for fun or maybe it was a dare or something?

this is f**king bullshit, this is her private life, she can do whatever she wants, if they really don't want people seeing her dance like this then why are people posting this videos everywhere? ffs the media is so g*y

OMG leave her alone and get a life!!! goh shes a young teenage girl havin fun for gods sake!! i mean that aint a bloody lap dance that just makes me laugh. all the haters out there should just leave her alone. she a beautiful, talented girl stop trying to bring her down.

Ah, considering that 16 is the legal age for consent, GET OVER IT! She didn't start stripping. People need to get a life and stop going after every single thing she does. Who really gives a F***? Geez.

I heard about this on the radio so I looked it up. I'm 24 and i have danced like that with people my age and I don't see what the big deal is. Hannah Montana made little girls look up to Miley, I feel like she has no talent. Is anyone surprised by this? She's young and famous

I dont think its a massive deal, all the people saying 8-13 year olds shouldn’t see it, then its the medias fault for showing it, theres things called a conjunction which will stop the video being shown! Not exactly mileys fault someone recorded it.. she’s 17, all girls having a good time want to dance/grind.

I think its pathetic, no one would read about it if it wasn’t miley! So let the girl have a good time and dance, not like shes sleeping around getting pregnant.
Sort it out guys!

okay, i am a 15 year old girl and i see my friends dance like this all the time, some even worse. but it still is a 44 year old man, and thats pretty gross. dont get me wrong, i love miley but she knows she has little kids looking up to her so i dont see why she would do this kind of thing publicly. she had to have known that soon it was going to get out. i still love her, but thats pretty gross, even if he is g*y

At 17, I wasn’t “grinding” against 40+ year old guys at parties or acting like a damn whore.
At that age I had self respect at least, something many teenage girls lack these days.

sooo, welll i'm 12 and i look up to miley,, and i don't care about this!! shes growing up! i bet half of you guys will do that when you are her age!! so give her a brake! just because she is a celebrity doesn't mean she has to be a good angel all the time!!

drama drama drama, if i had a dime for every girl that gave me a lap dance at a party…. id have a dime. lol let the poor girl be, shes having fun and looking good doing it too.

So how about putting some of the responsibility on the 44 year old "adult"?? Miley is still a child. Granted she is growing fast in the life she and her parents have chosen. But we all know that most of us don't make the best decisions well into our 20's. So don't you think the Adult in this situation maybe should have walked away? Or put a stop to it? PLUS – if there were children at this party, families, WHY???? If you take your children to a bar, expect them to be exposed to things they probably shouldn't be.

Personally i saw the video, and well the legal age here to drink and go clubbing is 17, i dont really see anything really that bad, i mean the girl is 17 she gonna make mistakes not that this, its not like shes doing it in a s*xual way, she taking the piss what i mean shes doing it for a laugh and it shows, i mean me and my mate dance with guys in a club, not really in the way she was but to have a laugh, i personally think the girl needs a break, i mean imagine the things you did when you where younger, the girl cant do anything without it being posted all over the internet, every girl over here is clubbing at the age of 14 and im not saying its ok, what im saying is there are far more worse things that she can be doing, people think that these people are perfect, far from it, there like me and you! The fact that the guy is about 50 is quite weird though, but his g*y and there taking the piss

ca'mon give me[her] a break. I know you people are probalbly thinking ''that person is crazy trying yo make me thing shes miley c,but i just said that so you could get a thought about what shes probably thinking.

all the fuss for this?! miley is NOT going to lose all of her fans and anyway she just danced! ye some have a point, it's qiute odd since she danced with a 44 year old man, but still, too much fuss has been made for nothing in my opinion. she was just having fun like her father said. haven't u guys been to bars and discos? i bet you've done worse than this!

u r an idiot 4 thinking shes not gonna lose her fans …………. i mean she even got fired from disney im not saying u cant have an opinion but this is mine 'just me'

She's only human!! She has feelings! Last year, during her concert tour, I actually met her, and she was absolutely amazing and nice!! She is great to her fans and has lots of talent. She's just a teenager, I know that tons of teenagers and even YOUNGER do that kind of thing. A friend of mine had friends who grinded starting in 5th grade!! She's nearly an adult, let her do what she wants. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

Why dont you all go f**k yourself, I don’t like her but whatever people like her! where’s the harm in it. She has to grow up sometime!! maybe she chose now. One day when she is probably 30 shes gonna do this and it will be posted all over the internet!!! Cut her a break one day people!!!!!!!!

girl u r crazy wat about the little girls who want 2 be like u do they suppose 2 do dat ur not setting a good example 4 them little girls.

WUhh Wellsxz I’m 15 Just Turned !!! =) ..Nd Miley Wuss Juss Havinq Fun !! Nd Dahtz Waht EVery teenaqerz DoO ! Like Mee 2 Monthz aqO I Laped Danced wiff a 19 Year Old qyu At a Night Club !! =) (wuzz madd Fun ) Nd Yeahh It Was Fun ND YES I Wuzz Just Havinq Sume fun Like Aloht Of teenaqerz Myy aqe DoO ! Soo qrow Up Pplz She Doesnt Have to be a anqle Everyday Nd everywhere …..Buhh I Doo Thiink She Tryinq To act Like Britney Spearz Nd Lady qaqa bcoz Dahh Musiic video “Cant Be Tamed ” ..Buhh Dah Lap Dancinq Wuss iight ! Dahtz Waht Every Teen dO Dont Matter if Yur a qood Teen I kno Yur Do Anythinq Bad Yuh cant Be a anqle For Life ..Buhh I Do Love Dahh Sonq “Can’t be Tamed ” Nd I Hope Miley Don’t End Upp Like Britney Spearz I Hope She Becomes a Success !! =)

wellsxz Uhh …I’m 15 Just Turned !!! =) ..Nd Miley Wuss Juss Havinq Fun !! Nd Dahtz Waht EVery teenaqerz DoO ! Like Mee .. 2 Monthz aqO I Laped Danced wiff a 19 Year Old qyu At a Night Club !! =) (wuzz madd Fun Nd Yeahh It Was Fun ND YES I Wuzz Just Havinq Sume fun Like Aloht Of teenaqerz Myy aqe DoO ! Soo qrow Up Pplz She Doesnt Have to be a anqle Everyday Nd everywhere!! …..Buhh I Doo Thiink She Tryinq To act Like Britney Spearz Nd Lady qaqa bcoz Dahh Musiic video “Cant Be Tamed ” ..Buhh Dah Lap Dancinq Wuss iight ! Dahtz Waht Every Teen dO Dont Matter if Yur a qood Teen I kno Yuh Do Anythinq Bad Yuh cant Be a anqle For Life ..Buhh I Do Love Dahh Sonq “Can’t be Tamed ” Nd I Hope Miley Don’t End Upp Like Britney Spearz I Hope She Becomes a Success !! =)

I am 18 and can honestly say that kids my age shouldn’t do this. I just graduated from high school and alot of the kids in my class did this, alot of them also got pregnant, one of our countries biggest issues is teen pregnancy. They wonder why? They have people like this for little kids role models. When I was little I looked up to things like scobby doo, not things like brittany spears or miley cyrus.

dude all you girls who are saying “miley is growing up’ and blah blah, HAHA!
yeah she is growing up. and we def have noticed. and i do like her.
but “growing up” is not dancing dirty with your 40 year old director when your 17 (ahem, illegal)
i mean she knows that the media tries to find the littlest things to turn her fans against her so why take the huge risk and give a lap dance to an old man?
its gross, really

miley is a slut and always will be im 13 and i WAS a big fan but look what u become!! I HATE U MILEY CURES

sweetheart when u get older u might so worse she is a teenager at that age what is what we do best so relax she is will soon be an adult in nov.

hey, i’m or atleast was a big fan of her along time ago but seriously whats to stop her sleeping with him i mean she quit hannah so she basicly can do what ever the f**k she wants

miley sucks shes done worse stuff watch that on youtube andshe if you can find a sweet nice popstar coz i cant

we all dance what is the problem, the dude is f**king g*y not like he gonna f**k her and they r good friends. at age 17 that is what we teen do best just b/c she a a star don’t make a difference.

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