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Missing Money, Unclaimed Money Became Hot Trends

unclaimed money

Missing Money, Unclaimed Money Became Hot Trends — Missing Money, Unclaimed Money Became Hot Trends  on some area in US. Most of people talk about missing money, unclaimed money.

On Virginia, the commonwealth  of Virginia currently holds $300 million dollars that should actually be belonging to average people. Who is the people???? Of course It can be you.. or may be president of US Obama.. or It can be my money that nor relize about the situation.

$300 million dollars on The Commonwealth of Virginia are unclaimed money that has been forgotten or their owners are not identified.  The reason may be many, but you as a hard-working citizen need to ensure that you make full use of your hard-earned resources. The state is waiting for you to go to their office, give suitable proof, and claim what rightfully deserves to you.

According to KSPR News, “This audit identified missing cash receipts of at least $7,568 between July 1, 2007 and February 29, 2008,” Montee said in her audit.

“Unrecorded checks were substituted into deposits in exchange for cash receipts, numerous cash receipts were not recorded in the computer system and not deposited, and credits adjustments were posted to reduce utility bills and cash was not deposited.”

Unclaimed money is said to be in the sum of billions. It sits in the US Treasury and accumulates, and no one touches it. So, where does it come from? The sources are pretty believable: forgotten bank accounts, bonds, shares, or financial assets disappeared due to a change in job, marriage or death

Similarly, millions of dollars are with US banks and insurance companies which are unclaimed for one reason or another.  The reason may be sudden death of the holder and he or she failed to disclose policies to his or her nearest ones.  You should make sure that whenever you invest in insurance or whatever holdings you have, their information should be available to your loved ones in case of any emergency.  This missing money is what you and your loved ones need most in times of emergency.

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