YouCut Cut The Federal Deficit!


YouCut cut the federal deficit

Now you can play “Cutting the deficit” with “YouCut”….that is according to Republican Whip Eric Cantor, and have just as much fun as “YouCut” for American Idol.

For more information go to

Cantor’s office says there have already been 7,000 votes cast on YouCut.

7 replies on “YouCut Cut The Federal Deficit!”

I thank that if we stop giving money to countries or bailing them out it would save us alot of money. This money could be applied to the deficit. After all we are in financial crisis our selves. And stop spending money that we don’t have

Absolutely Donna! When you are broke …and we as a Country certainly are you simply cannot spend money that you do not have. Besides, despite all of the money that we have given to every country on the face of the earth …we have little if any good will. Just as in the case with any successful country in the private sector when revenue fails to meet expectations the belt must be tightened and there is simply no "dollar" too small to save. The time is truly now.

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