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Miley Cyrus Throws Party to Celebrate The End of Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus Throws Party to Celebrate The End of Hannah Montana

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It’s been long run, and I know that my kids have definitely enjoyed it from nearly day one, but Hannah Montana just shot the very last episode.

Although it may be a moment of sadness for Hannah Montana fans, it was a moment of celebration for the Hannah Montana stars and crew.

According to, after she finished filming the final episode of Hannah MontanaMiley Cyrus celebrated at a casino-themed wrap party at h.wood on Sunday.

A party insider divulged:

“There was no Liam in sight, but Will Smith stopped by the Hannah Montana wrap party to drop off his kids [Willow and Jaden]. They’re big Hannah Montana fans. At one point, Will’s hit song ‘Welcome to Miami” was played, and Willow was dancing along with Miley. It was so cute!

Miley and the rest of her cast, Emily Osment, Jason Earles and Romi Dames were celebrating with a casino-themed party. They had a congratulatory cake, sushi, hot dogs and fries, a fondu set-up by chef Mark Mittelman, a doughnut cart, sugar cookies and custom tea blends from h.wood and tea room.”

“She [Miley] had a special tea in her honor. She drank the Hannah Montana Blend, which is a blonde tea with ginger and lemon used to soothe the vocal chords. She also had the Miley Stewart Blend, which is a tea reminiscent of the sweet tea from Tennessee.

She was running around dancing like crazy, and when the DJ played [her song] ‘Party in the USA’, she was even singing to her own song as she danced through the crowd.”

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