iPhone 4G Affect – Will iPhone 4G Revolutionze The World ‘Again’?

iPhone 4G Affect – Will iPhone 4G Revolutionze The World ‘Again’?

First generation iPhone affect

There is no question that when Apple released the first generation iPhone, the mobile data phone world was revolutionized, and would never again be the same. Apple was launched to the forefront of the mobile data devices with the iPhone, and the iPhone shattered all barriers that the mobile phone world had known.

The iPhone 3GS affect

But what about when the iPhone 3GS was released? Could we really say that the iPhone 3GS was as revolutionary as the first generation iPhone? Maybe so, because the iPhone 3GS had the awesome video capture feature and MMS functionality. These features made the amazing iPhone even more amazing.

However, I don’t think that the iPhone 3GS quite had that “revolutionary” affect that the first generation iPhone had.

The iPhone 4G affect

This now brings me to the iPhone 4G affect, and my question is simply what level of impact is the iPhone 4G going to have on the overall mobile data phone marketplace? My guess is that the iPhone 4G is not going to impress the world as much as the iPhone 3GS did, and certainly not anywhere near what the first generation iPhone was able to achieve.

Sure, with the iPhone 4G we can expect cool additional features, but the iPhone has already been around for awhile and people are already used to it. So the iPhone 4G, although it will be a big deal, I don’t see it proportionately having an exponential impact on the over mobile data phone market. There are so many competitors out there, especially with the Google Android powered phones emerging.

So it will be interesting to see exactly what kind of impact the upcoming iPhone 4G can actually have on the overall market.

What do you think?

Do you think the iPhone 4G is going to completely revolutionize the mobile data phone market?

Or are we looking at just another iPhone with some cool upgrades?