Play Pacman For Free On Google Logo, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary

Play Pacman For Free On Google Logo, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary

When I wrote about the Google Pacman Logo earlier today, my intention was to provide a place that allowed you to play Pacman for free online. So I embeded the Pacman game, and all was well. What I didn’t realize until that point was that when I went to to grab the image of the Google Pacman logo, I started to hear the Pacman game start playing.

At first I was confused as to where the Pacman game was playing. Perhaps I had started Pacman on a different tab somewhere. But I went through all of the tabs and nope – Pacman wasn’t running. But I failed to realize was that Pacman was actually running in the Google Logo.

Play Pacman on the Google Logo

Here’s how you play Pacman on the Google logo:

1) Simply go to

2) Wait about 5 seconds and suddenly the Pacman game will start up

3) You are now playing Pacman on the Google logo with the Pacman maze actually weaving around the Google logo.

And that’s it – once the game starts, you are now literally playing Pacman inside the Google logo. It’s really quite amazing, and this is clearly the first Google logo that is interactive.

Google celebrates Pacman’s 30th birthday (anniversary)

The reason for the Google Pacman logo is that Google is celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary. It’s really hard to believe that Pacman came out when I was…. (sorry, I’ll refrain from revealing my age here).

But I guess I don’t remember the first versions of Pacman. My memory of Pacman picks up around the Atari version.

What about you?

When do you first remember playing Pacman?

Have you played Pacman on Google’s logo yet?