Watch BP Oil Spill Live Feed, Watch The Oil Spill (SpillCam)

Watch BP Oil Spill Live Feed, Watch The Oil Spill (SpillCam)

oil spill live video feed

This is probably one of the more interesting things I’ve seen today on the web – except for the Google Pacman logo. The Energy¬†Independence¬†and Global Warming committee, headed by Rep. Edward J. Markey, has put together a live video feed of the BP oil spill. This live video feed of the BP oil spill is actually showing you live footage of the oil leak that is located approximately 5000 feet below the the ocean surface – my friends, that’s a long way down in the water.

And from the looks of the live video feed, the oil is just spewing out of that pipe into the water. It’s really almost hard to believe that it is actually oil that is shooting out of that pipe.

Anyway, if you are interested at all in watching the BP oil spill live video feed then click the link below to be taking to the live feed:


According to Forbes, a scathing letter yesterday from DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was sent to BP’sTony Hayward insisting that BP was not being sufficiently transparent in disseminating information to the public. The bureaucrats demanded that BP make public all video, documents, reports and plans pertaining to the Deepwater Horizon spill, preferably housing it all in a dedicated website. The gaping exception: they say any claim of “confidential business information” will be handled in accordance with applicable laws. So don’t expect too much.

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hey thanks bp, thanks for taking our domestic oil and selling it overseas so we can import more oil from the middle east , thanks bp for destroying the gulf coast !! thanks alot!!! all the VP's at bp should be charged in a international court of law for crimes against the planet.. and sentanced to death!!!

f**k bp those idiots need to stop buying all the economical/environment friendly technology for automobiles or at least release them already, so that we can stop using fuel and use the power of the sun to travel and prevent idiotic accidents like this

ill tell you whats scary what if are greed for oil costs us the planet what if they were using an experimental drill that goes miles and miles under the earth and they hit a jacket of oil around the earths core and it cant be stoped? im just saying what if?

Bp should be boycotted in the u.s. until everyone who has anything comming from this mess gets paid for all they have lost

oil is the Earth's lubricant. Notice all the earthquakes lately? Remove the oil from your engines and see what happens.

…….oil wasn't around forever you know. it's a fairly modern thing in terms of the earths total 4 billion year lifespan.

Seriously. All of you armchair engineers.

Do you drive cars and demand oil as energy? If so, then you are as much to blame as BP. They are simply providing a service and product that the general consumer demands.

I assure you that they have stepped far beyond due diligence in operating this and preventing this from happening. Now that it has happened, they are sparing no expense to fix it.

What have you done besides "complain" about the problem and "armchair" design a solution. Talk is cheap. Go out and help.

I agree with Steve Have any of you given it a thought that if it were not for the the fact that BP and all off shore drill rigs that supply our energy, are made to drill in one mile deep water because they are not aloud to drill closer to shore, so that it is easier to fix a problem when it occurs. This hole as Obama calls it would be plugged weeks ago if the environmentalists would let these rigs drill in hundreds verses thousands of feet. Remember this as you fill your little cars that make you feel better about using less gas or (OIL). Wake up people….

Everyone who voted Republican, beginning with Reagan bears some responsibility, he tried to kill Public Transit. He tried to kill many regulations and the revolving door between the corporate boardroom,and a government. King Baby Bush declawed our regulatory structure further to the point that issuing permits is all they are good for Regulating well,meaning very little(READ TEA BAGGING LIBERTARIANS) ensures a fat paycheck lobbying,or, otherwise being a whore for the fortune five hundred.

what are you doing to help?, Same as the rest of us i assume, giving your personal thoughts. Yes it is tragic what has happened no i do not shun BP for this it was an accident and could not be helped. What bothers me about the whole situation is people in general, I do not doubt that BP is doing what they can to resolve this issue, but they should have had a back up plan from the get go. Look at NASA, they have plans A-Z if one doesnt work they go right to the next, key is they already had the plans made LONG before and disaster happens. I only hope it is resolved soon, all the oceanlife and marshes we are loosing is very heartbreaking. As for the people that are sueing BP for property damage, they need to get a life. Yes it is sad that your land is covered in oil, stop trying to get 100 of thousands of dollars to clean it up, be realistic. They are only after money.

As with all industries, accidents happen. The minor oil spill from the BP well is just another example. With over 3500 of these in the gulf it should come as no surprise to find one leaking. Eventually this will be fixed and hopefully sooner rather than later. Our prayers are with those working to contain this spill and the residents affected in the gulf.

I wish I had a solution to this, unfortunately I don't. It's sad and tragic. I will tell you I don;t plan on ever spending one red cent ever again at a BP.

ring around the wellhead in a circle with explosives 15 25 50 foot deep 20 holes or more

detnonate crushing the the hole in the center

This will probably break the bank for BP trying to stop this. All the big profits these oil companies have made by gas prices is coming back to haunt them.

When they spend 5.277 billion, ( BP's) 2009 total profits then maybe
they'll have spent enough. BTW BP's 2008 total profit was more
than 12 Billion Dollars. Don't feel sorry for f**kin BP, this isn't
hurting their pocketbooks.

It is a sad day when one species controls the fate of all others on our planet. The oceans are our lifeblood, without them there is no life on earth. With that in mind people, why aren't we protesting in the streets for cleaner, safer fuel sources? And to Nancy, there is nothing "minor" about this spill or any other for that matter. Do I drive a car, yes. But I carpool with 2 other people to reduce our footprints, plan my trips so nothing is wasted, recycle, refuse to use chemicals in my garden, etc. and I would do more if more were available to me. How about you?

I just don't f**king get it!,…with the technology that we have in this very day and age,….why the hell has this thing been allowed to go on for so long now?,…surely something could have been done before now, to stop this horrific leak from ruining our already fragile world!,….like, why the hell has it taken this long to come up with a maybe solution to a problem that is gonna affect us, long after our grand children are grown and passed!,…total bullshit this "spill" is,…..BP should be opening their wallets a bit more to compensate for all the damage they have caused, not to mention, cover all expenses to clean up this mess!

Did you spend any time looking into the issue at all? We're talking about an issue under 1.5 Km of water and a huge amount of pressure; If you have a better solution than what they're coming up with by all means tell the world.

More people then just BP should be trying to fix this as fast as possible it effects everyone!

This is really a catch-22. We are beholden to oil. How many of us will stop driving our cars, flying in planes, etc? Every cancer needs a blood supply. However, our planet is the healthy cell, we are the cancer, and oil is our blood supply. Don't forget that the keyboard you are typing on right now likely had its start as crude oil.

When you think of the sheer amount of goods and services fueled by the Oil Industry, the safety record is near impeccable. That being said, just like airline disasters, there is very little room for error, as when something goes wrong, it is usually of dramatic proportions. It took 911 to get terrorism on everone's radar screen, and, sadly, it usually takes a horrific event to get the attention of most Americans. We can't boycott the oil industry any more than we can boycott the agricultural industry. With regard to breaking the bank for BP: This is just a bump in the road. We'll feel the financial shock of this calamity years down the pike when we least expect it. In fact, now the oil industry has something to remind us of when they raise prices, and we'll all say "yeah, that makes sense." I can pretty much guarantee that we won't collectively stop using their products. However, this will breed more intense research into alternative energy sources. Perhaps an overdue wake-up call that may better the planet in the long run? Time will tell.

I can guarantee that we all WILL stop using petroleum products, because oil is a non-renewable fuel source, it will not be there forever. Legislate change! I am betting that if Americans as a whole demanded laws to prevent the development of and assembly of gas fueled cars, we would have electric, hydrogen, solar, and wind powered vehicles in a matter of months. Affordable ones within two years. In the mean time, we need to preserve our planet. Anyone who thinks this is simply a human tragedy is sadly mistaken.

The people who are making insulting remarks about BP – including the President of the United States, should look at the YouTube and other reports of what is being done to save the situation. They have put together 1,300 ships and are paying out tens of millions of dollars to any people whose livelihood has been affected. Apparently the coast protection activity BP has undertaken has meant that 15 acres of marshland has been damaged – of course there will be more but it is clear that BP are taking this spill extremely seriously and are working to protect the environment, animal life and human well being without regard to the cost. BP's operation is as vast as the seriousness of the accident. The abuse which is being generated in the US is utterly counter-productive and illogical. President Obama's abusive words have set a very bad example of how a head of state should react to a national disaster; he has undone much of the admiration in which he is held throughout the world.l

BP is guilty of criminal negligence. They knew there was a problem 5 hours before the explosion and kept drilling. And the first few days, their main concern was collecting as much of the spill as possible, not containing it. Wake up and smell the corporate greed!

let me enlighten you all on some thing oil is the backbone of this country .without it we could not power our cars that we love so much. remember it is not just a fuel its also lubes the gears that you would need to power and shift the gears to for greater speeds that 1 mile an hour. we need it for fighting wars that keep us all free! some of you may say we are not free but let me tell you this, if you think you are not free go live in a third world country and see how free they are and you would see how free we are. B.P. is doing every thing in there power to fix the you really think that the head of B.P. woke up and said i think ill dump trillions of gallons of oil in the ocean today and lose a gazillion dollars. how about you people get off your arses get down to the spill site and help to clean it up, instead of complaining about how B.P. providing oil that keeps you safe in your bed tonight. while the men and wemen give their lives for us all. they can not do it with out oil.

are you part of the solution or part of the problem

Okay, so you want your cars and your wars. And nothing about the environment means anything to you. Our business leaders, lobbyists, politicians, and leaders have been building a deliberately oil dependent country for decades, and you support them all. Well, I wish you, and them would please vacate my planet. Yeah, it's mine!

you have to get this pipe cutoff flat so a rig can get over it and drop a new connection pipe on it most of the oil will be sent up the pipe and and away from the leak allowing it to be fixed at this point the cleanup can progress and the oil can get back where it belongs

i am only throwing suggestions at the problem at hand as many of you are .do not let people stop you from this who knows you idea may be the one that ends this tragedy.
even a combination of 3 or 4 baby more

I've always said, fines are not the answer. Why would they care? WE pay for it at the pump. Criminal charges and jail time will be the only deterrent. If we lock up animals for robbery, rape, and murder, why not for this?

because it was not something that was done on purpose. if you go out and get in a car accident should i lock you up in jail?

cut the riser put a larger pipe over it then use sucktion to pull oil to surface pour concrete at the base of new pipe and seal leak dumbasses

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