Here’s to You Floyd Landis

          Floyd, we rooted for you in the absence of our TRUE U.S. cycling hero, Lance Armstrong. You were this diminutive underdog who seemed as pure as the amish countryside from which you were raised, but you lied. We Americans have been known to forgive liars in the past, but when you toy with our emotions, we will turn our backs on you. You should have just come clean when the probes began back in 2007, but no. You begged for our support and assured us that this was just a witch hunt by the International Cycling Union and surprise, surprise, we stood behind you!
          Well Floyd, you made us all look like fools. So please stop trying to implicate others in your blood doping, performance enhancing whirlwind. The difference between you and Lance is simply the fact that he never tested positive for ANYTHING EVER! Go away quietly, your time is up. Go write a sucky book like your blood (doping) brother Jose Canseco`.floyd landis

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By Ryan Brady

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