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Facebook Has Privacy Issues? Who Cares…

facebook privacy settingsFacebook Has Privacy Issues? Who Cares…

In all honesty here people, I have to say that although Facebook is getting a lot of media coverage and blogger attention regarding their flawed privacy policies, there’s another story line that is going unnoticed – at least by some anyway.

Sure, politicians throughout the world are finding a way to leverage Facebook policies for their own political agendas, and it might even be working for some.

But regardless of the “Facebook privacy issues”, one thing still remains – and that is, new users are flocking to Facebook in unprecedented numbers and pace.

Facebook had 519.1 million users last month, up from 411 million in September, according to ComScore Inc. And the site continued to add traffic this month, even as U.S. lawmakers, the American Civil Liberties Union and 30 European countries lodged complaints that Facebook has been reckless with personal data.

What about your concerns with Facebook privacy settings?

So what about you? Are you deciding to delete your Facebook profile because of all the Facebook privacy concerns that are happening?

By the looks of the numbers, I would say “no”.

Perhaps the Facebook privacy issues are better kept to the lawmakers and Facebook executives to hammer out – in the meantime, let me go see what’s happening on my Facebook!

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Unprecedented numbers of people are leaving FB too…many of them are originals who have been with Facebook since it's early days. Facebook is losing its credibility, and rightfully so, over how easily they give up user information for the right price. I've been with Facebook since 2006 and have seen their privacy issues only get worse. I'm also another person thinking about deleting my Facebook.

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