‘Top Kill’ Will Kill Live BP Oil Spill Live Feed (Live Spill Cam Here)

‘Top Kill’ Will Kill Live BP Oil Spill Live Feed (Live Spill Cam Here)

At some point today (Wednesday, May 26th) we can expect the BP oil spill live feed (<< click here to watch) to be cut as BP prepares their next attempt at stopping the gushing petroleum from the ocean floor.

BP executives made the announcement that the live feed will be cut during the top kill procedure, according to a press release from Rep. Ed Markey (D., Mass.)

According to WSJ.com, the press released stated that “BP informed Rep. Markey’s office that the live feed would be terminated some time early Wednesday morning, and would continue to be offline until after the attempt at the so-called “top kill” is completed.”

The Top Kill Procedure

What BP engineers are going to attempt, starting on Wednesday, is a procedure called ‘Top Kill’.

This procedure basically is equivalent to choking the oil spill to death by force feeding it heavy drilling mud and cement in an effort to plug the gush.

BP CEO Tony Hayward pegged its chances of success in this case at 60 to 70 percent.

Kent Wells, a BP senior vice president, cautioned that engineers are speeding through a planning process that would normally take months. He warned that the top kill could be delayed or scuttled if Tuesday’s pressure readings are bad, according to HuffingtonPost.com.