New BP Oil Spill Live Video Feed, ‘No Oil Spewing’ (Live BP Video)

New BP Oil Spill Live Video Feed, ‘No Oil Spewing’ (Live BP Video)

The live video feed of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now showing a much calmer scene than yesterday and the days previous. As BP finally go the top kill procedure underway, they are attempting to choke out the oil spewing from the broken oil pipeline.

And from the looks of the live BP oil spill video below, BP has been successful.

BP’s CEO gave the top kill procedure a 60% – 70% chance of success prior to BP launching the top kill procedure. And as of right now, the live BP oil spill video feed is not showing any oil spewing – at least not like it was all of the previous days before.

If the BP oil spill video below is actually showing the same location of the spewing oil from previous days, then I would say that yes, BP has been successful at choking out the BP pipeline from spewing oil.

BP Shares are declining

Even with the news about a possible successful top kill procedure, BP shares (LON:BP) are currently trading down. Perhaps investors aren’t too impressed with the top kill procedure, or else they figure that a long, expensive cleanup process will now have to launched.

here’s a new video of the BP oil spill: