Crunk Energy Drink – Energy Stix

Crunk Energy Drink – Energy Stix.

Crunk.  It sounds like a character name in a Disney Movie.

Actually, Crunk is one of the fastest growing energy drink manufacturers today.  They have sweetened the pot by adding a new Energy Stix to their product line, “The Crunk Energy Stix Orange Flavored Powder Shot”…thus, expanding the ever expanding energy supplement universe.

(Energy drinks and Energy Shots sales were up 4.6 percent during the 52 week period ending 3/21/2010. Other than tea and coffee – which was up 3.6 percent – all other categories of beverages were down.)

According to the company, the Energy Stix offers “Instant energy, no crash, and only 10 calories per stix.”  It is the first energy powder shot on the market.

The orange flavored powder shot is applied directly on the tongue and requires no water and no mixing, and delivers “quality, long-lasting energy.”

The energy powder is packaged two individual Energy Stix per blister pack.

Crunk’s line of Energy Drinks, according to Crunk, have natural fruit flavors, no preservatives, a unique blend of vitamins and herbs, and deliver “both taste and energy with no crash.”

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