HTC EVO 4G – $10 Extra for 4G Coverage Regardless

HTC EVO 4G – $10 Extra for 4G Coverage Regardless

I just want to clear up a couple of Sprint’s 4G pricing data misconceptions that some people are struggling with. When you purchase the HTC EVO 4G, you will be charged an additional $10 per month for the 4G data coverage, regardless of whether or not you are located in a 4G enabled city.

Some people have been wondering about Sprint’s 4G coverage and data plan cost, and the question has been popping up frequently asking do you have to pay for 4G coverage even if you don’t live in a city that doesn’t yet have 4G?

The answer simply is yes, you will have to pay for the 4G coverage regardless – and the additional cost for that 4G coverage is $10.

Sprint’s 4G Coverage Area

Yesterday, Sprint announced that Kansas City has just come online with 4G data speed. Yet, for some reason, cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles have yet to come online with 4G speed.

It’s been perplexing to me why Sprint would bring on smaller metro areas like Kansas City before bringing on major metro areas such as San Francisco and Los Angeles….?

Anyway, just wanted to clarify the fact that Sprint is going to charge you $10 extra for the 4G coverage, whether you live in a 4G enabled city of not.