German Biologist Suggests Killing All Oil Soaked Birds

German biologist, Silva Gaus, suggests killing oil soaked birds instead of cleaning them.  This goes against what most wildlife supporters believe in, and comes across to some as rather harsh.  Gaus claims that only 1% of oil soaked birds live after being cleaned though some officials are stating the number is closer to 10% and some studies claim that up to 80% of cleaned birds can survive if taken care of within 24 hours of being exposed to oil.

As of June 7, 2010 the birds that have been collected include 413 live birds that were not exposed to oil, 83 dead birds that were visibly exposed to oil and 502 that were not exposed to oil.  There have been 39 birds cleaned and released.

There have been 32 live sea turtles that were exposed to oil that have been rescued as well as 3 exposed and 7 un-exposed sea turtles that have died.  There have been 3 sea turtles cleaned and released through June 7, 2010.

There have also been other mammals and reptiles that have been rescued or found dead due to exposure to the oil spill.  Unfortunately there have not been many that have been cleaned and released at this point.

Most wildlife organizations believe in assisting birds, reptiles, and mammals that show a good sign of living after being cleaned and euthanizing those that would not live after being cleaned and released.

3 Responses to “German Biologist Suggests Killing All Oil Soaked Birds”

  1. Jon

    Just like a German biologist…emotionless-ly call for getting rid of undesirable living beings.

    Some things never change.

  2. mel

    Trying to clean the birds is torturing them to death just for a feel-good-feeling and the pathetic illusion that you can fix this mess.

  3. ASTOR

    if you wash without applying oinment it is only temporarily clean


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