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NASDAQ:AAPL, Apple Share Plummet On iPhone 4 News

NASDAQ:AAPL, Apple Share Plummet On iPhone 4 News

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Apparently Wall Street isn’t terribly impressed with the news about the iPhone 4 that came out today at the WWDC 2010.

Today, Steve Jobs once again took the stage to announce another revolutionary Apple product. Except this time, the product wasn’t all that revolutionary! Sure, it was an iPhone unlike any we’ve seen before, but it was still an iPhone nonetheless, just with cooler features and upgraded hardware and software.

Wall Street didn’t seem too impressed either with the iPhone 4 news because Apple share (NASDAQ:AAPL) have dropped -4.20 (-1.64%) down to 251.75 on the iPhone 4 news.

Some of the new features of the iPhone 4:

Exactly why Apple stock is down I’m not sure. Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge about stock prices and can help us out here. But the iPhone 4 looks to be a pretty sweet upgrade from the current iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 4’s primary feature, as stated by Steve Jobs himself, is the two way video chat. This video chat feature is basically video conferencing right from your iPhone. The efficiency of communication is really quite amazing, and this new feature will add amazing flexibility to the iPhone.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 is only being offered through AT&T at the moment.

During Steve Jobs’ keynote speech, someone in the audience yelled out “Verizon” as if to tell Apple that they really need to get away from the whole AT&T exclusivity thing.

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God bless the guy who yelled 'Verizon'

Let's face it… it's the one feature that both consumers & wall street want in the iPhone!

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