Tiny Town of Blue Rapids, KS in Lockdown After Police Officer Shot

The small rural town of Blue Rapids, Kansas which has a little over 1000 residents and is 45 miles north of Manhattan, Kansas has been locked down after an officer was shot twice at a Casey’s gas station onn Hwy 77 in the town.  Officials believe that the man who shot this officer is also responsible for a shooting death in Topeka, Kansas earlier Monday afternoon.

At 12:56am on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 officers were reporting that they believed to have the suspect, Stephen Macomber who is considered armed and dangerous, located in a house within the city limits.  They are advising all Blue Rapid residents to remain in their homes and keep their doors and windows locked.

The officer that was shot in Blue Rapids is said to be in stable condition and was airlifted to Lincoln, Nebraska.  After shooting the officer the suspect stole the officer’s car but they believe him to be inside a house and there are reports that a lady who lives in the house has been brought out.  Barricades were put up around the town in order to keep the suspect within the city limits.

The Kansas Highway Patrol is the lead investigative team working on the case and they have been updating the press in order to keep the citizens of Blue Rapid safe and informed.  As of 1:30am the suspect had not yet been captured.

9 Responses to “Tiny Town of Blue Rapids, KS in Lockdown After Police Officer Shot”

  1. Jason

    Still not caught yet as of 6:45 am.

  2. Chosenfewbook

    That’s some crazy stuff. It’s like something out of a movie. What’s also crazy is that until I was 15, I spent nearly every summer in Blue Rapids with my cousins.

  3. Leannemerrill

    this article gives false info..the officer was not shot in the casey’s parking lot…he was shot at the corner of hwy 77 and lincoln st.


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