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iPhone 4 Pre Order June 15th, No Supply Issues for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Pre Order June 15th, No Supply Issues for iPhone 4

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Tomorrow is the day that iPhone fans, and the rest of the mobile tech world, have been waiting for. As announced by Steve Jobs last week at the start of the WWDC 2010 conference (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Francisco, the iPhone 4 will be available for pre order tomorrow, June 15th.

So far, the places that I know of where you’ll be able to pre order the iPhone 4 are:

  1. The online Apple Store
  2. Best Buy
  3. Radio Shack
  4. Wal Mart

One problem that Apple doesn’t expect to face with the iPhone 4 is a supply issue. Perhaps Apple has learned it’s lesson on supply issues with the iPad. Apple has been challenged, both in the US and globally, to keep up with the demand for the iPad.

With the iPhone 4, Apple plans on selling 3 million units per month. That’s right, 3 million iPhone 4 sales per month. And with that volume of sales, Apple must have an elaborate and aggressive supply side strategy in place.

The iPhone 4 is available tomorrow for pre order and available for purchase on June 24th in the United States.

The pricing for the new iPhone 4 is pretty straight forward:

$199 for the 16GB model

$299 for the 32GB model

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I agree they do suck!!! why not list ATT it is the provider of the phone service. Eat crap verizon!!! ha ha

Yes, according to reports I've read you can also preorder at an AT&T store, or on their website, although I wouldn't… why add the middle man? Do it through Apple.

Also note that that pricing is only with two year contract. Without contract the 32 and 16 GB models are going to be $599 and $699 respectively.

In response to your post. You really don't have a clue. Why not order from at&t we provide the servie without us there would be no iphone! and to correct you on pricing you can also get an early upgrade on an iphone for 399 16gb or 499 32gb

if you are going to come to my site (thank you for visiting by the way) and criticize, then please do me 2 favors:

1) Spell check your comments – it makes you look like a moron when you criticize content yet misspell your words

2) At least give credit to the high traffic site you are spamming from (which would be mine)

Other than that – I appreciate you visiting and commenting!

Thanks again


If I am an AT&T customer eligible for an upgrade, can I preorder the iPhone 4 off of the AT&T website and have it shipped to my door?

I've actually done this several times for the purpose of selling the phone. You will be set up on an iPhone data plan as soon as you place your order, But if you then contact AT&T either by phone or at the store, you can let them know that you do not intend to use the iPhone and they will remove and pro-rate the data plan. If you choose to use the phone; however, you will be charged a data plan. Even if you were to purchase an iPhone someplace else, say Ebay for a full price, as soon as AT&T recognizes it, they will start charging the data plan.

not true, i've been using an iphone for the past 2 years without data plan, the system recognizes the iphone, they send me a message once telling me that they were going to add a data plan, what i did i took the sim out, inserted in a really crappy phone, made a few calls, so the system recognizes the phone and then call CS, telling them about the message, they said that nothing was going to be add. That was like year and a half ago.

if i buy it from apple or best buy (note : i use an iphone 3g with at&t now) and i don't think i am eligible for upgrade, do i have to pay the $599 or can i pay the $199???

If you are not eligible for an upgrade, it'll be the higher price no matter where you get it. If not a full upgrade, you might be eligible for the "early upgrade" option which would be $399 for the 16GB model.

apparently, you pay tax on the subsidized price at AT&T and the unsubsidized price at Apple, even though the pre-tax price to you is the same at either place.

How sure are you?
You mean, If you are in Cali, and buy from Apple Store, the price you pay is $199+ tax on $599
If you go to att you pay 199+tax on 199?

Please clarify

Can anyone clarify the difference between pre-ordering and "reserving" an iPhone at an Apple store? If I reserve one can I pick it up on the 24th without standing in the hard sale line?

There's not much difference, although reserving usually requires less $$, whereas you pay in full on a pre-order.

Anyone happen to know at what time on the 15th apple will open their website for pre-orders. For instance, can I order it at 12 am est on the 15th?

1 800 my apple said it may be 12 am est. The new york flagship store will be open at midnight tonight taking pre-orders so the guy at apple thought it would make sense that pre-orders on the website would be live at that time too.

Just for the sake of fairness in the typo/spelling discussion (which was not the point of the article, of course), the author himself did say in the main article, "Perhaps Apple has learned it’s lesson on supply issues with the iPad." It's its.

i am in Detroit which is eastern time. i guess we will know if it is available for per order at 12am in 20 min.

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