Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal, Perez Hilton In Hot Water (Miley Cyrus Pictures)

Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal, Perez Hilton In Hot Water (Miley Cyrus Pictures)

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Perez Hilton may have pushed the “gossip” envelope a little bit too far this time with his controversial articles and his desire to be… well… controversial. Miley Cyrus is also very disappointed in the fact that not only did Perez Hilton post degrading photos of her, but also the timing of the photo is right when Miley Cyrus’ new album Can’t Be Tamed is about to hit the market. Miley Cyrus just wishes that the world could focus on the positive once and a while, instead of always focusing on the negative. Miley Cyrus was quoted as saying this in response to the Perez Hilton photos posted of her: “Isn’t it funny that things like that, that are so negative, have to come out right before my record? ┬áIt’s like no one can let positive things happen. All I do is focus on the positive, and I hope this record does well.” The photos themselves of Miley Cyrus, that were posted by Perez Hilton, may actually land Hilton in serious legal trouble. An attorney familiar with the matter is quoted as saying that the photos posted of Miley Cyrus go far beyond just a misdemeanor.

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No "child" brings illegal conduct up themselves. She is legally incapable of making that decision, you idiot. You sound like some child molester with that comment. Those who distribute images of underage children NEED to be locked up.

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