Devon James, “Tiger Woods is father of my child!” (Devon James Pictures)

Devon James, Tiger Woods’ Mistress

Devon James, who is one of the many former mistresses of Tiger Woods, is now claiming that Tiger Woods is the father of her child.

The drama surrounding Tiger Woods’ mistresses just doesn’t seem to end. One of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, Devon James, claims that Tiger Woods is the daddy of her son Austin T. James who is now 9 years old.

Devon James, who is now 29 years old, is claiming that when she was 19 years old, she met Tiger Woods and started having an affair with him. This was happening while she was also attending a Christian school program.

The one major problem here with Devon James’ claims that Tiger Woods is the father of her child is that James never had any DNA testing performed to prove who the father was. However, Devon James states that the child has to be his because Tiger Woods was the only African American man that she dated at the time the child was born.

Devon James’ mother, Sandra Brinling, has come out strong against her daughter’s accusations saying that “it’s not true:  …she (Devon James) is a ‘pathological liar’ and that she knows exactly who Austin T.’s real dad is.  My daughter is only out to lie, steal and cheat and is looking for is to get money from Tiger Woods.'”

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