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Quickbooks Online Login, “Quickbooks Currently Unavailable”

Quickbooks Online Login Problems

quickbooks login problem

Quickbook users who login online are currently experiencing problems. When people try to login to their Quickbooks account, they are reporting the following error:

“We’re sorry, but this application is currently unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes. Thank you.”

This Quickbooks login issue seems to be a different problem than the one Quickbooks experienced back on April 23rd when the following was being reported:

Reports have been flooding in that Quickbooks online login wasn’t working this morning.

Obviously, this would be a huge inconvenience and problem for many small business owners who rely on Quickbooks for their day to day transactions, payroll, and accounting records.

According to the, Quickbooks online login is still accessible via

However, users who tried to use the Quickbooks online login this morning were confronted with an error message. The official Quickbooks online Twitterresponded at about 10 a.m. Pacific time, saying “Our team is working on getting QuickBooks Online back up.”

When visiting the Quickbooks Twitter profile, there is absolutely not mention of an outage of any kind. Quickbooks would usually keep customers updated through their Twitter profile, however, there isn’t any mention of a login problem. Perhaps the problem is an isolated occurrence.

37 replies on “Quickbooks Online Login, “Quickbooks Currently Unavailable””

I have been experiencing the same thing all morning. Pretty frustrating trying to get work done and having this hold-up.

This particular problem has been going on since 15 June 2010, 10:00 MDT. Highly annoying. Unbelievable that it has been unavailable for well over 12 hours now.

Sucks! I haven't been able to invoice a single client all day today. I guess this is the problem with "online' programs even though you would think that this type of thing would never be an issue!

Sucks! I haven't been able to invoice a single client all day today. I guess this is the problem with "online' programs even though you would think that this type of thing would never be an issue!

OMG! I see some QB'rs are looking for another accounting system.
They're klidding, right?
So the system goes down for a day or two. What's the worst that can happen? You notify the folks at the other end things will be delayed a couple of days and go on.
I'm amazed that people can get derailed over such a thing.
What would they do if something serious happened…. like government censorship of the Internet, for example… (or passing laws requiring them to buy health insurance)?

Murry – evidently you don't understand business or retail sales, if I can charge today, that sale is a lost one, I can "notify" the customers in my store to come in a couple of days.

Your comment is totally out of context and your analogy with censorship or health care dont mean anything to us that are trying to make a sale today and we cant because the incompetence of Intuit,

Yeah, "kidding."….tell that to my employees who are expecting their direct deposits to go in by Friday (probably impossible now because I can't do online payroll). I can cut them all manual checks so they can drive to the bank, have their banks put holds on the checks, etc. To me, and to them, it is "serious". Your comments are naive.

I agree that people should chill. Want problems? Try having an internal IT group. not only would this be explained away as a "normal" thing that occasionally happens, but you'd also be paying all the overtime and equipment/software expenses to get this back up and running. More headaches, more costs…

Stuff happens, there are workarounds, it will be fixed.

Murry, you’re completely missing the point. A few hours down on rare occasions is acceptable. Going on 21 hours is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Whatever happend that is causing this is one thing. The fact that Intuit is basically saying “we have inadequate business continuity planning” being one of the largest cloud computing providers out there is the real issue. A scary as hell issue if you ask me.

You’re amazed people are getting derailed, REALLY!? Perhaps we could do business sometime…I’d love having you as a client with such low expectations and standards.

Does anyone know what has happened with QB's I have attempting to process charges all afternoon with no success and now my own clients are getting angry too when I inform them that I cannot process their charges and update their accounts accordingly.

I went online to try and contact QB's and found that they are completely down.


You are right – it is completely unacceptable not to have a backup server / backup generator or whatever else is going on over there. Millions of customers rely on them for reliable service and they have let their customers down.

The QB online site was down ALL DAY on 4/1/10. THis is the second time in TWO MONTHS that their site has been down. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

Yes, handwriting and mailing checks all over the frickin' country so our employees are paid on Friday, is quite a drag! And now I will no doubt be in trouble with my superior to whom I suggested QB online! This is ridiculous and with absolutely no communication from Intuit. A fiasco.

Can't authorize fresh 2010 pro installs either as it seems those servers are down too. Glad I gave them $200 so they may at some point let me use the retail copy of their software. It would be a shame to be forced to find a crack for legitimately purchased accounting software.

I am glad I stayed home from work today because there would have not been a thing I could have done while at my office. This is ridiculous…I can't believe they haven't gotten it back up yet. Not sure what I will do if it is not back up by the morning. I have tons of work that needs to be done as well as payroll needs to be run. I own an IT company & we would be out of business if our customers did not have access to their systems this long. This is unacceptable!

Still no credit card processing.

Makes me ponder changing back to the installed version of QB. At least I know whats going on. And to take this long to restore??? Makes you wonder?? Did someone hack into their system??

What about extra time and work lost from this?? I have people writing things down on paper to transpose later.

Are they gonna give us a free few months for the inconvenience??

Just amazing.

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